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    Auction of machinery and timber.

    Interesting and varied list of timber and machinery to be auctioned at Brackley at the end of January. John Pye Auctions: Auctions Viewing is available.
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    Antique chest of drawers alteration.

    I would be grateful for advice from anyone familiar with antique methods of furniture construction. My daughter has asked me to convert an early 20th cent mahogany 4 drawer chest into a blanket box. ie make the fixed top into an hinged lid. How is the top attached and what chance have I got of...
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    Drilling accurate holes.

    Hello, --- I would be grateful for advice on a project. I need to drill a line of four 19mm diam holes in timber ( inline with the grain). Two of the holes will be 2mm apart. What is best way to drill/make the holes to avoid any breakout between them. Thanks.
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    Wet and dry grinding wheels.

    I would appreciate advice on the use of bench grinders and wet wheels to sharpen chisels and plane irons. Up till now I have been happy using a white (aluminium oxide?) wheel on an ordinary bench grinder and then a Scheppach wet grinding wheel. This has produced a sharpness which is OK for me...
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    Price of Record 405 multiplane in 1967.

    A friend has inherited his father's multiplane which was bought when he retired in 1967. Finding what it is worth now is fairly straight forward but he is curious to know what his father would have paid for it when new. Also there appears to be a significant demand for these planes now on...
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    Worktop mitre.

    I am going to instal 2 worktops in a "L" shape (into a corner). For convenience I am considering asking the worktop supplier to cut the mitre joint. Both sides are approx 2.1m long and hence heavy to handle on my own. My concern is how do I adjust the mitre joint if the walls are not an exact...
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    Cutting a kitchen cabinet door.

    Just a quick question---is it possible to cut a vinyl wrapped MDF door and seal it with iron on melamine edging strip? Will the heat damage the vinyl?