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    Britain's Best Woodworker

    Not that good was it. A lot of talk.
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    Kity 439 Planer/Thicknesser

    Thanks Robert. I will give that a try.
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    Kity 439 Planer/Thicknesser

    It looks to be a lubrication requirement as I can now move the Infeed table using a pair of grips on the handle but as above I can’t see what needs lubricating and how I get at it relatively easily. Can anyone help at all. Thanks
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    Kity 439 Planer/Thicknesser

    I’ve had this machine for a number of years and it suits my purpose well. However, I now have a problem with adjustment of the Infeed table for depth of cut when planing. It just doesn’t move. I can turn the adjustment knob but perhaps not through it’s full operation extent ( I honestly don’t...
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    Bandsaw blade ‘fore / aft’ pulse

    The way the whole thing vibrates and shakes suggests to me something far more fundamental than just blade guides. As has been previously mentioned, a thorough check of wheels and bearings is in order I think.
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    Reprofiling T&G tongue

    Yes, time to break out that router. Just make sure you have plenty of support so the router does not tilt while opening up the groove.
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    Anyone know anything about mirrors?

    Hmmm, Ill have to look into that........sorry couldn't resist.
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    Another Wadkin Pk Restoration

    Is it only me that can't see the piccies. All I have is a laittle box thing saying "image"
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    cc or ml?

    Much easier to work in smidgens.
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    Fixing plywood to walls

    EvoGrip is also a good one.
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    Kindle gone U/S

    We had a similar problem with my wife's kindle a couple of weeks ago. I held the power button for about a minute and hay presto, normal work was resumed.
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    How To Edge Joint

    So well put together and done. Agree with the comments already expressed. Great job thank you.
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    Forum users dust collectors and shop vacs

    Screwfix wet and dry Titan.
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    Forum Users Router Tables

    Have a tabletop one I haven't used for ages so can't remember the make. My main one is floor standing which I bought unused in an auction. It comes with plates which allow an inverted circular saw or jigsaw to be attached but never used these. I believe it was a B&Q but because it was in an...
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    Forum users' Table saws

    Scheppach TS2500
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    "If I get some time later today I'll try and put together a WIP that illustrates some work around options, plus some of the techniques that seem to work for me". Look forward to that Custard because this has always been a problem for me. Mind you as a hobbyist I'm much more of a bodger but this...
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    Scheppach Bassato 3 Bandsaw

    Any progress on this? I have the same bandsaw and although I dont have any problems with it (fingers crossed) it would be interesting to know the outcome.
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    Specific Table Saw Advice (I know, I know).

    There's one for sale on here at the moment. Take a look in the Marketplace section.
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    Common sense...

    I agree with some of the previous comments regarding Police procedure but with some caveats. Why the handcuffs on a guy that age who was no doubt suffering serious trauma and what provision was made for care of his wife while they had him banged up. Obviously, they had to investigate the...
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    Kity 439 Advice

    Thanks Mike. I get it now. Will give this a go next time I change the blades. Del