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    Sold TS-200 Table Saw

    3/2/22 - Price updated As per my other thread, unfortunately I am having to sell my workshop tools as I don’t have enough time to take up this hobby at this time! I purchased this table saw from another member of this forum just before Xmas. Cash and collection only from Gloucester please...
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    For Sale Triton Thickness Planer

    10/2/22 - Updated Prices Hi guys, I currently am selling most of my workshop after having only owned it a couple of months, I didn’t realise I don’t have nearly as much time for a hobby like this, especially with a baby on the way! Each item has its own description, pictures and price. Please...
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    Thicknesser or Planer Thicknesser

    Hi guys, I did the same post last week but in regards to a table saw and it was a big success so am hoping this goes well too. I am after a thicknesser or a combo thicknesser and planer. Needs to be 300mm if possible or 260 for the combo. Nothing overly large as I have a small workshop! if...
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    First Table Saw

    Hi guys, I’ve been researching for a few weeks now and would like to purchase a table saw, I have a deal online but I would prefer second hand as it may save me some ££ if I dont fully commit to my new hobby in the long run. I would like either the dewalt job site saw or the evolution rage 5s...
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    DeWalt 27300 bargain?

    Hi all, I was wondering if this was a decent planer or if it is known to have issues. I believe it’s £1500 new? Someone is selling one for £500, looks to be in good condition and claims to have only used it a few times.