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    How to clean wooden planes

    I have recently acquired some wooden moulding planes. All seem to be in reasonable condition, but they are pretty grotty as regards the dirt and grime they seem to be embedded with. I believe that a good cleaner and conditioner for the wood would be an equal parts mix of: Boiled Linseed Oil...
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    If I have to have socks for Christmas...

    I know I will get some socks at Christmas. Don't want to just leave it 'open' this year (may get some 'themed' socks for goodness sake!!). Need to drop some hints as to which socks would at least produce a genuine smile of appreciation. Socks that would keep my feet toasty in the workshop would...
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    Best humidifier for unheated garage workshop

    It seems to me that every time I look into purchasing virtually anything to do with my hobby, my search sends me spiraling into the spiders web of Internet distractions and asides. Some of these distractions are really interesting and I frequently discover many things that I knew nothing about...