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    Dml headstock knocking sound.

    Hi guys Been a while since i was able to get to the lathe. Whilst making some simple small boxes i developed a knocking sound. It was coming from the headstock end. On investigstion i found that the lower pulley on the motor spindle was sliding back and fore. Is this meant to happen to line up...
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    Chasing threads on turned items.

    Hi folks. Looking for some advice on turning threads for some lidded boxes. Not got any kit for this yet currently looking at thr sorby chasers and sizing gauge. Not sure about sizes 10, 16 or 20 tpi. see also crown has some chasers too. Has anyone experience of these tools. Which would you...
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    Wood turning thread cutters

    Looking to make some small boxes with threaded lids. Anyone got any advice on thread size and sorby or crown makers? Any tips gratefully received. Thanks
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    old ub801f axminster chip extractor

    Hi folks I've just acquired an axi chip extractor, the older trade model (ub801-f). I was hoping to upgrade it to handle finer chips with the fine filter cartridge however axminster says it's not compatible with the new axi cartridges. :( Does anyone know where I could get a filter for this...
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    dml 320 opinions please

    Hi folks Just wondering if anyone has opinions on the Record Power DML320 Professional Cast Midi lathe. Currently have a cl3 but space needed in workshop so considering a smaller machine. Any opinions appreciated. Thanks Ed