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    Wadkin Thicknesser built in grinder

    Does anyone here use the built in grinder on their BT500 or 630 for sharpening the blades? Thanks
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    I've acquired an older planer / thickneser that I only intend to use as a planer. Would it be okay do you think to remove the drive belts for the feed rollers for the thicknesser? They are worn and need replacing anyway but as I'm never going to use it as a thickenesser it seems a bit...
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    Axminster TH410

    I have just bought one of these and apparently the outfeed roller isn't in that good a condition. Phoned Axminster but unfortunately they don't have the outfeed one available and it's not available from their supplier either. Does anyone know if the Thicknesser was sold under any other brand...
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    Can someone suggest a decent website to help identify wood?

    I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a site that is good for working out what various woods are? Perhaps one that as well as showing a finished planed surface also showed the bark etc.... So I can look up things like this as see what they are rather than guessing as its all new to me :) Thanks
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    Record Power BS350S blades - minimum width?

    I've had a look in the manual and it doesn't actually state a minimum or maximum width. I was wondering if anyone has used a 1/8" blade on it? thanks
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    How to attach new bandsaw guide blocks

    I currently have this style of guides on my bandsaw which are well worn. I'd like to have a go using some hardwood guide blocks but I'm not sure how to go about securing the hardwood to the end of these. Would a heat resistant contact adhesive work? Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Stanley Bailey Lever Screw

    I've recently bought a large box full of old rusty tools and in amongst a lot of rubbish was three planes one of which is a Stanley Bailey one that is only missing the lever screw. Will any correct thread and length screw suffice or do they have a specific shaped head etc on them? I don't own...
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    Suggestions for where to get a new wedge belt for table saw?

    Well after going round five different motor factors this morning none of whom stock a suitable match for the wedge belts fitted to my table saw I am going to have to order one online. The two belts that are in it are Megadyne 3V265. I can't seem to find a UK supplier of these so I guess I'll...
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    Problems with dust extraction on a Minimax ST3 table saw

    Having been struggling with dust covering everything I've upgraded the dust extractor to a 2hp Axminster one but even directly hooked up to the table saw with literally a few feet of 5" hose I'm still struggling. Does anyone have the same or similar saw? Perhaps it's an issue with the slide on...
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    125mm Swept Tee Piece

    In the effort to combat pretty much everything being covered in dust I've upgraded the dust collector that I had to a 2hp one that also has a fine filter cartridge on it to be used mainly for the table saw. Its got a removable flange that gives a single 125mm outlet rather than twin 100's when...
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    Hose / tubing for dust extracting

    After just a couple of days I am already fed up of having to swop the 4" flexible hose from the table saw to the planer and it also has to do duty on my old union lathe as well. I have been looking at some more of the flexible hose so I can leave them all attached and came across flexible...
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    Table saw blades........what to buy

    So, I've had a read through the various threads on here and still a little unclear. Mainly I am going to be cutting 18mm or thinner plywood.....do I need to invest in a set of blades or would a combination one do to start off with. Don't really want to spend a fortune on some new blades and...
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    Cross cut sled on a single mitre slot??

    Completely new to having my own table saw and was all set to make up a cross cut sled for it as the 1st project then realised that it only has a single mitre slot rather than two. I assume that is is due to it having a sliding carriage, which will be great for the larger sheets bit not so handy...
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    Wiring up a 16Amp supply for the table saw

    So, collected the table saw today which is a Minimax ST3 Smart............it needs a 16 amp supply I've been researching the forum for the best way to to this and was under the impression it was simply a case of a motor rated MCB being installed into the consumer unit with cabling to the...
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    Minimax ST3 Smart

    I've been offered a Minimax ST3 Smart which I am struggling to find out any details about. I've even called a dealer and they were not that helpful either as its not a current product and wasn't something that they were familiar with. The ST3 is the saw and an inbuilt spindle moulder and the...
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    Grub screw for locking insert into place in Supernova chuck

    I have a supernova that came with the Jubilee lathe that I have recently aquired. It came with a right hand thread insert so its fine for working over the bed. However, as I would like to turn some larger items I would also like to be able to use it on the outboard side and being on a budget...
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    Help with spalted wood

    So, the tool rest for my "new" jubilee lathe turned up and I thought I'd have a go turning a bowl with it............there was a lump of spalted wood that the chap I got it off had been kind enough to include along with a few other bits so onto the lathe it went. However, being a beginner to...
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    Supernova Chuck - how to tell insert thread size

    I have an old supernova chuck that has an insert with it. I can't see any markings on the insert other than the letter "C" Can this somehow be decoded to give me what thread it is or is that just a random letter stamped on it for some reason? Thanks
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    Union Jubilee questions....

    So my "new" Union Jubilee finally arrived today having taken 11 days with the 24hr overnight pallet delivery offered by DX Freight.....and they managed somehow to smash a corner off the "lid" that covers the top pulleys...... Anyway, my previous lathe was a Clarke one and to adjust the...
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    Advice on Axminster IEC 34-1

    Have been trawling through this forum and reviews online for bandsaws - prefer to have older better made kit than shiny new junk Lost out on a couple of bandsaws on in the last day or so, a record power and an elektra beckum.... I've seen a Axminster IEC 34-1 advertised but cannot seem to find...