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    Lino printing press

    Hi John, You don’t need a press for lino printing. The usual method is to use a ‘baren’ of which there are many types; they can be made from wood, metal, glass etc. You called even use the back of a spoon. But if you do want to make a press, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s an...
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    Floating shelf spanning perimeter of room.

    What about a torsion box with veneered top and bottom with a solid wood front edge. Then encourage them not to paint it because it looks so good! I’d be careful with leaving enough space for curtains to hang either side of windows and I’m sure that you’ve thought of how the door will open. A...
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    Is it time for a table saw?

    I can't advise on whether you should buy one or not, but if you do want one, mine is for sale: Axminster AW10BSB2 2.2Kw 230V 1ph with side and rear extension, 2 extension tables, mobile base. All in extremely good condition. Message me if your interested.
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    Build a shed Mike's way

    Super info, thanks.
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    Scrabble tabble

    I love this idea and you've done a marvelous job.
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    A little pens and paper holder in zebrawood with initials on the front.