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    Sharpening Great American Tooth pattern saw

    Hi folks, I have just scored this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/251023323995?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_500wt_1413 saw on ebay. I have a lot of trees in my garden that produce plenty of logs to saw up. I thought I've give this type of saw a try as my bow saw is not up to...
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    Coffee table

    A worryingly long time ago, I asked some questions in the design section about a coffee table I was planning. Well, after far too long, it's now pretty much done. There are loads of things that I'm not perfectly happy with but, for my first piece of furniture, I don't think it's a bad effort...
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    Bandsaw minimum blade width

    With all of the recent talk of bandsaw boxes (some very nice projects by the way), I thought I'd get some new blades for my AWBB and see if I can have a go during a spare morning. According to the instructions, the minimum blade width for my bandsaw is 6mm (1/4 inch). I have read that 1/8th...
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    This Year's Secret Santa

    Even though I've not (yet) taken part in one, I always enjoy seeing the Secret Santa results. Given the time that it takes to organise/make things, I thought it's worth seeing if anyone is going to start the ball rolling. Waka did a fantastic job last year. Is he up for a repeat? Or do we...
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    Narex Mortice Chisel review

    To continue my theme of reviewing stuff despite my conspicuous lack of skill or experience I thought I'd write a short review of the Narex Motrice Chisels. I bought a set of these from WH as I'm planning on making a coffee table with plenty of M&T joints so I thought I'd make sure I had the...
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    Oak coffee table design

    Hi, I'm about to make myself a coffee table out of oak and I'd welcome a critique of the design before I start butchering any wood. I bit of Googling for inspiration found me this: Which I rather liked and decided to base my design on. After a bit of work in sketchup, here's my design...
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    Quangsheng V4 No.6 review

    I was lucky enough to have some money given to me by She Who Doesn't Have To Be Obeyed But It's Probably A Good Idea To Just In Case. I wanted to get something that I would use for a long time and perhaps something that I wouldn't have bought otherwise. I decided on a plane. I wanted something...
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    Plane build for Christmas

    My Dad has expressed an interest in getting into woodworking when he retires and has already started tooling up. Since Christmas is coming up and I have always fancied trying to make a plane, I though I'd build him one as a present. I made the body from some offcuts of Rosewood and the sole was...
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    Workshop build

    So, after many small posts asking for advice and help, I've actually been building my workshop. Here are some photos to prove it! Progress is slow but steady. (Hope the pics aren't too big) Size it 5mx3m
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    Shed paint advice please.

    Hi, I've started building my workshop and I've got all of my T&G cladding. It's untreated so, obviously, I want to treat it before putting it up (and probably again when it is up). I've seen that a lot of outdoor wood paints say they're not suitable for planed timber (only rough sawn). Can...
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    Yet another workshop build

    Hi, I've starting my workshop build. I've got the concrete base done with brick plinth for walls to rise from (as per Mike G recommendations). Pics will follow shortly. The building will be 5 by 3 metres and the walls will be made from 2x4 stud with OSB on the inside. I'm just sourcing my...
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    Workshop shed planning permission

    I've just moved house and all my tools etc are currently in the loft doing no one any good. So, I want to build a shed to work in. I've seen loads of impressive builds on this site and I'm sure my modest attempt will be very poor in comparison. Whilst starting to plan the project, I took a...
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    Japanese plane blades from Dick

    Hi, This is my first post but I have been lurking for a few weeks and this seems like a very informative forum. I'm pretty new to woodworking and my particular interest is in guitar building but I'd be happy to turn my hand to other tasks as and when I get the opportunity/need. So, my...