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    Wadkin Thicknesser built in grinder

    Great, thanks for that
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    Wadkin Thicknesser built in grinder

    Does anyone here use the built in grinder on their BT500 or 630 for sharpening the blades? Thanks
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    Sold Trend 6 piece router bit starter sets (All sets sold now)

    Hi If you have a set left then I would like one. Thanks
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    4" Jubilee Clips

    If "sunnybob" doesn't take the blast gates I'll have them. Thanks
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    I've acquired an older planer / thickneser that I only intend to use as a planer. Would it be okay do you think to remove the drive belts for the feed rollers for the thicknesser? They are worn and need replacing anyway but as I'm never going to use it as a thickenesser it seems a bit...
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    Axminster TH410

    I have just bought one of these and apparently the outfeed roller isn't in that good a condition. Phoned Axminster but unfortunately they don't have the outfeed one available and it's not available from their supplier either. Does anyone know if the Thicknesser was sold under any other brand...
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    No longer available

    Typical, everything I want is at the far end of the country :( If you happen to be passing Edinburgh I'll have it :)
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    Hi Where abouts is collection from? Thanks
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    Can someone suggest a decent website to help identify wood?

    I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a site that is good for working out what various woods are? Perhaps one that as well as showing a finished planed surface also showed the bark etc.... So I can look up things like this as see what they are rather than guessing as its all new to me :) Thanks
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    Record Power BS350S blades - minimum width?

    A photo would be good :) thanks
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    Record Power BS350S blades - minimum width?

    Thanks for the suggestions......
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    table saw blade

    I replaced the woeful blade on my table saw a few months back. After a search on here I called Cutting Solutions and had a blade arrive within a couple of days....wasn't particularly cheap but the quality of cut even though it is only a 48 tooth ( I think) if great.
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    Record Power BS350S blades - minimum width?

    I've had a look in the manual and it doesn't actually state a minimum or maximum width. I was wondering if anyone has used a 1/8" blade on it? thanks
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    How to attach new bandsaw guide blocks

    Thanks......might try that.
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    How to attach new bandsaw guide blocks

    I currently have this style of guides on my bandsaw which are well worn. I'd like to have a go using some hardwood guide blocks but I'm not sure how to go about securing the hardwood to the end of these. Would a heat resistant contact adhesive work? Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Stanley Bailey Lever Screw

    found it thanks
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    Stanley Bailey Lever Screw

    Could you post a link or item number please? I am obviously searching the wrong way for that as I can't see it. Thanks
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    Stanley Bailey Lever Screw

    Thanks for the suggestions.....need to dig through some parts bins for a suitable screw then. There was the stanley Bailey, two wooden box type planes, five brace bits, a complete set of wood augers/bits for them, some other weird bits and about 20kgs of various metric and imperial spanners...
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    Stanley Bailey Lever Screw

    I've recently bought a large box full of old rusty tools and in amongst a lot of rubbish was three planes one of which is a Stanley Bailey one that is only missing the lever screw. Will any correct thread and length screw suffice or do they have a specific shaped head etc on them? I don't own...