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    Passion or Profit?

    Hi all, I'm going to ask the age old question. Being a carpenter/joiner as a career choice is it more of a passion than profit? I am currently 9/10 years into my carpentry career and I am considering investing into a small workshop/workspace so I am able make my made to measure installs. (For...
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    External Doors - Weatherbars?

    Hi all, I have a question about weather bars - Do you or don't you, fit them and why? Being a qualified carpenter with just under 10 years experience, I often notice some external doors/front doors are missing weather bars, surely they're essential to prevent the water on the outside face of...
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    Bi-folding Wardrobes Doors?

    Hi, I have an idea for an install I fitted in my starter/earlier days of planning and making wardrobes, if I were to do it now I would of done alot of things differently! The issue I have is the opening width of my wardrobe is 1270 W x 2255 H which is fairly large and makes for some very wide...
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    Kitchen Fitting

    Hi all, I thought I'd post here to ask for some advice from experianced fitters. I really would appreciate any advice as I am able to fit kitchens but I am slow (admittedly) as I am quite hesistant with alot of the small details and planning that goes into kitchens. I have fitted around 10...
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    Material Warping

    Hi all, My question is how do you prevent material from warping. It's something we all have to deal with no matter how you stack,store or sort your material it's always the last piece or the one section that you need to be pretty straight that ends up bowing. I thought I would ask this forum...
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    Edge banding design query

    Hi all, I'm struggling to commit to a design due to the edge banding. The install is going to be a combination of a bookcase and office desk/workspace using matt white melamine MDF with edge banding. I cannot decide whether go for 2mm PVC or 1mm PVC radius edge banding as I don't want a funny...
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    Applying finish oil (Osmo)

    Hi everyone, What's your method for applying finishing oil such as Osmo's Polyx? From my research people pretty much apply it with anything and it depends on what you're oiling. I am currently finishing up a display unit made using oak veneered MDF which I sanded to 240grit. I also go over...