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    Shelving unit for my boat - looking for a bit of advice

    That’s definitely an idea, cheers! I’ll give that a go. Thank you!
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    Help with posting

    The three buttons on the right hand side above the text you want to highlight, the middle one says “Like” - click the one to the right of it, that’s “reply with quote”.
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    Shelving unit for my boat - looking for a bit of advice

    Hi all, I built this shelving unit for my boat (which I live on) over the weekend as I’ve desperately been needing some more storage space. I’m fairly pleased with how it turned out although this in addition to another small project I was working on has proven to me that there’s nothing...
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    Random orbit sander

    I’ve got a pretty cheap (and fairly cheerful) Ryobi orbital sander - uses the velcro type discs. I bought a load of them off ebay or amazon for not a lot of money and I can’t say I’ve ever experienced the problems you’ve been having. When they go on, they definitely stay on. When I’m actually...
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    Friendship vs Greed

    You're assuming that everyone has the financial, physical and mental capacity to take responsibility for food budgeting. I'm sure there is plenty of food for most of us but it's getting the food on to people's tables that is part of the problem. Given that in 2017/2018 it was estimated that 14...
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    Friendship vs Greed

    No one? Despite the corona virus, people starve in this country every day.
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    Given how quickly this virus has spread and how many people infected with the virus have died in only the past couple of weeks, do you honestly not see the urgency to contain this virus? And by whatever means necessary? It's a necessary inconvenience for a few months.
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    Friendship vs Greed

    His friend hoarding and bulk buying is wrong though. But mostly it's unneccesary. In the short term he's denied other people access to all the items he (and other panic buyers) have cleared up from the shelves. Supermarkets are not closing, people are not being denied access to them. There is no...
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    A little thread of calm?

    Alas not a workshop but I do have a table saw! One of the Dewalt 54v ones, which works really well! I've been doing all my carpentry work outside. It's not perfect but don't have to worry about cleanup too much, the wind blows the dust away. Cheers for the link, I'll have a look!
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    A little thread of calm?

    My order of wood from Travis Perkins was cancelled this morning as they're now closed. I was planning on refitting my bedroom (I live on a narrowboat, which is calming in itself) and wanted to get the wood in before lock down. Unfortunately was late by a day in my order. So I'm looking at what...
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    Do you recognise this place?

    First thing that came to mind when I saw it was somewhere closer to or around Windsor and I'm from up north (although lived in London for a while). Lovely painting!
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    Friendship vs Greed

    That's incredibly sad. I pity your (ex?) friend and feel sorry for you that his behaviour has broken up a long term friendship. I must say it would probably do the same for me if I was in a similar situation. Thankfully my good friends would never exhibit such greediness. Or at least I'd hope...
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    Looking for a portable/collapsible workbench

    Hi Mike, Thanks for your reply (and everyone else who did!). What I’m basically looking for is a small, sturdy kind of work top/workbench not too dissimilar to the Sjoberg Smart Workstation that let’s me work on smallish projects - boxes, learning to cut dovetail (and other) joints, building...
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    Looking for a portable/collapsible workbench

    Hi all, I'm looking for some kind of portable/collapsible workbench - less like the old Black and Decker Workbenches and more something fairly solid I could do some chiselling, that can take a bit of hammering. I'm looking at the Sjoberg Smart Workstation...
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    Saw sharpening service - recommendations?

    Hi all, I've got a couple of decent quality saws (a Veritas dovetail and Veritas carcass) which I have no particular desire - at this point - to sharpen myself for fear of ruining 60 quids worth of tool (per saw). So wondered if anyone can suggest/recommend anyone who does saw sharpening? I...
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    TV licence requirements

    Agreed, whatever your politics are and even if they don't align with the BBC (which is supposed to be impartial), they do produce some quality watching. There is some dung but compared with most other channels, far less dung and far more quality viewing.
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    Stanley 748

    Is a hand drill of much value for woodworkers these days? Are there situations where they'd be better over an electric drill? At a guess, perhaps accuracy and subtlety? My Dewalt drill spins at a million miles an hour and there seems to be no way to go a bit less full guns with it. Actually...
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    Ripping and crosscut saws buying advice needed

    I think that's a fair comment. There's probably a bit more to it than just "does it cut better". The Skelton ones are absolutely beautiful tools, as are the Lie Nielsen saws, but for me - basically a bodger - as lovely as it would to have them in my workshop, I'd fear damaging them and they're a...
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    Ripping and crosscut saws buying advice needed

    I'm aware that Lie-Nielson saws are expensive - upwards of 130 quid but below 200. And for professionals, I can see them justifying that kind of money for a tool. However the Skelton Swift tenon saw is almost £500! Is it almost 300 quid more performant than the Lie-Nielson one? Would it last...
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    Timber suppliers in/around/near Leeds

    I don't have a car but I do have a car club membership so can hire a car/van whenever I need to, I'll give you a shout when I'm going to head to the wood shop @FatmanG! It'll probably be after next week as I'm a bit skint at the moment! More than happy to give you a lift somewhere.