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    View That Greets Me By My Workshop

    The apple tree, by the workshop is covered in blossom this year. The most covered it's ever been. No one would have thought that after storm Arwen, when it blew over and had to be propped up and re-staked, that it would have recovered so well. It reminds me of one of those frothy blossom laden...
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    Pillow Blocks - how accurate should they be?

    Hi All, I've been trying to build a gizmo for my lathe to hold the end of a 20mm diameter wooden shaft for end drilling, What better to use than a Pillow Block. I turned a trial shaft prior to slipping the block over the exposed end, only to discover that the axis of the shaft and the base of...
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    Applying wood stain to the inside of cabinets

    Just come in from the workshop, where I've been applying some Walnut stain to a couple of shelving units.Trouble is, it's a bit like a "magic colouring book" - where there are undetected residues of glue, the stain has gone on darker. Which is definitely not the look I'm after. Despite, my best...
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    The wrong sort of metric tape

    I've just finished cutting to size a whole pile of Ash boards, for a triangular shelving unit - well more of a ziggurat to be honest. I was cutting to length the last-but-one board, and even though I measured twice, I still cut it too short! Fancy that.... well that's not what I said when I...
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    "Pewter Effect" look on steel.

    Hi All, This is something I've been puzzling for a while - How do commercial firms achieve the pewter finish on their steel hardware? I've made quite a bit of my own hardware over the years, and the best pewter type finish I've been able to produce, involves first encouraging the steel to rust...