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    Boat doors

    I've got to make a new set of front doors to replace the horrible steel ones, most of the inside is American white oak but i don't believe this is very suitable for exterior use, I believe European is better but I am a bit wary of oak because of the wet and the close proximity of steel I don't...
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    Does any one else own one of these, this must be one of the most infuriating tools I own, I've just finished making a batch of tenons 24 in total, I set it up with a half inch cutter for 10 mm Mortice using a block to give 22.7 as per the book, so why do I get discrepancys in the tenons enough...
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    nielsen or clifton

    HI there all you woodworkers i am looking to buy a no7 jointer and looking a either a lie neilsen or a clifton, there is not a great deal of deference in price, but i was wondering about the quality, i am going to the yandles show to have a look anyway, but i would welcome anybodys elses...
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    tormek problems

    Hi to you woodies out there I have a tormek supergrind which i think is the forerunner to the current t3, which no matter how hard i try will not not give a square edge on any thing over about half an inch wide and has never done so since i bought it , so after spending the best part of yet...
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    buying spindle moulder

    hi there new to ukworkshop today so this is my first post, i am looking to buy a spindle moulder to replace my infuriating woodrat, i think i have found what i'm looking for in a itech01456 offered by scott & sargent, has anyone any experiance of this machine any thing would be appricated . thanks