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    Record Power CL4 vs Jet 1221vs

    ....my list appears to be getting longer..not shorter.....goes back to google.........
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    Record Power CL4 vs Jet 1221vs

    What do you feel is better about the jet? Better quality, I know its has reverse sanding and I do feel the cast iron would ma kg e it more stable against vibration, I was worried about parts servicing etc, it's not as popular that I can see against the Record......I am also now looking into the...
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    Record Power CL4 vs Jet 1221vs

    Going round and round and round for the last few weeks......and I dont have the lathe yet!! Which one!?!? Any experienced users of either of these lathes......I'll be turning small pieces ( so I think.....you never know). What are the Pro's and Con's....? My budget £1000 for the lathe...