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    Donating tools

    Wondered if anyone knew of an organisation where one could donate some or all of the tools one has accumulated over the years, when it's time to go to that woodshop in the sky? I've no intention of going there any time soon, just wanted to be prepared - like a good boy scout. I was hoping...
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    Which Fuse ?

    Hi there, I'm using a Pegas 16" Scroll Saw: Power input 320 W, power output 60 W, 230 V, 400-1550 Had been using it for about an hour yesterday and stopped work until this morning. I switched it on and....................nothing ! Oh my goodness ! How am I going to finish this project...
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    Fine Hand Brush

    As I'm sure most of our elders know, there are few days go by without something or other being "mislaid". Unfortunately, as we get older, there's hardly a day goes by that one of our possessions mysteriously disappears. Of course, we all know the answer.............it's that we put it down...
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    Bench Dog Rail Clips by KJS-signs or UJK Rail Clips ?

    Has anyone used these Bench / Parf dog rail CLIPS ? They look like a good idea but, I'd love to hear from any of you woodworking experts who might have used them. OR......do you think that the UJK Rail Clips might be better? Description says for Parf dogs so, hopefully they fit the MFT holes...
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    MFT Top Protectors...etc

    Has anyone used these Bench / Parf dog rail CLIPS ? They look like a good idea but, I'd love to hear from all you super experts. OR......do you think that the UJK Rail Clips might be better? Description says for Parf dogs so, a little concerned they may not fit the MFT holes. Would...
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    MFT sacrificial strip and where to put it.

    I'm considering buying an MFT style top and have been watching many of Peter Millard's superb videos. He really knows his stuff and is such a very personable guy. The way he presents these videos in such a friendly, unassuming way, it feels as if he's talking directly to me. So, I'm wondering...
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    6" or 150mm T-Square or T-Ruler

    I have searched just about everywhere to find a small T-Square, preferably plastic , just for doing some layout work on a table and can find nothing. I already own an 18" (460mm) one but need something smaller. Does anyone have any suggestions please ?
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    A new Pegas 16" Scroll Saw from Dictum

    I was ready to buy Axminster's Trade 16” Scroll Saw and, was very disappointed to see they had no stock available and contacted them asking when the saw would be available. They said that, regrettably it likely won't be until July. Oh NO ! Undaunted, I set out on a long journey to find...
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    Micro Reciprocating Saw

    Has anyone tried the Hitachi CR10DL/L4 10.8V ? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hitachi-CR10DL-L4-10-8V-Reciprocating/dp/B001NIDSBG?sa-no-redirect=1&pldnSite=1 This particular one is currently unavailable, otherwise I would have got it as I already have the Hitach screwdriver and so, wouldn't require...
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    Cut off sharp end of pushpin

    Hi there I'd like to cut about 6mm off a pushpin. Would a regular pair of pliers do the job or would I need something more substantial or exotic? Your help is much appreciated.
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    Mitre Saw Dust Extraction

    I recently purchased a mitre saw and was totally unprepared for the amount of sawdust this thing spits out. It doesn't restrict itself to the vicinity of the saw either. Oh no, this monster spits everywhere ! I realise that this is the case for the majority of mitre saws and especially a budget...
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    Stiff Combination Square blade

    Any suggestions as to what I might use to help my blade slide smoothly on the handle? It's quite stiff and I didn't want to try anything without some much more experienced users' advice. Much appreciated.
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    I'm not at all good at drilling 90 degree square holes and was shocked the other day when I saw that the exit hole on a hole I'd just drilled was 2 cm off from where the entry hole started. Time for a drilling aid I thought to myself. I've scoured the web and have narrowed my choices down to...
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    Looking for a Record 778 plane manual

    I've scoured the internet but have been unable to find a manual for this great plane which I recently purchased. Would any of you extremely knowledgeable gentlemen know where I might find one? Thanks so much.
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    Woodpeckers BC4-M2 Box Clamp for Pocket Holes

    I was almost ready to purchase the Kreg Right Angle clamp to use for making pocket holes when I came across this clamp. Has anyone used this clamp to create pocket holes? It really looks like it would work well if you watch this video @ 03:15) http://www.woodpeck.com/boxclampm2.html I'm really...
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    How to transfer CRISP image to wood

    Do any of you experienced scrollers transfer images to wood? I'd love t be able to do this with the attached letters as, if I just glued a photo to the wood, I would have a white background that I don't want. If the image itself could be transferred directly to the wood, the white background...
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    Hegner Multicut 2S

    I'm looking at a Hegner Multicut 2S and wondered if any of you chaps could tell me if it would work just sitting on a dining room table? You see, I live in a small flat and wouldn't have a way of bolting it down or using on a stand at present. I have a Dremel Moto Saw which is barely just so so...
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    Use Portable drill at continuous speed

    On a previous drill which I owned whilst living in America, my portable drill could be locked at any speed, allowing me to mount it and use both hands for sanding etc. I just bought a fabulous new Bosch GSB 18V drill but there is no such "lock". Can anyone suggest how one might be able to get...