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  1. Droogs

    Machinery/ tool dilemma

    my baby basa 1 and lidl bench drill press are mounted in one those flip cabinets. I do have to pull it out in order to flip the tool I want and then put it back against the wall. but is very useful and i have all the different blades for the saw on little pegs inside out the way
  2. Droogs

    BBC The Repair Shop polish

    Depends on how big a piece of veneer it is. small <3" then a single bevel knife, if over then a veneer saw and a clamped guide. @Tortoise To get irregular patches for repairs on dark or highly figured veneer, I use pipes of different size that have had bits bashed in to make zig zaggy or...
  3. Droogs

    Steam bending strap alternative options?

    There's no way you'd fit that lot in a shed
  4. Droogs

    Steam bending strap alternative options?

    the process is ass I described and done by a company called Pure Timber LLC in the states they have a video of the process. The idea is that when the wood is compressed and cooled it puts it all under a certain type of compressive test that it is happy to hve but retains the memory of how it...
  5. Droogs

    Steam bending strap alternative options?

    I do wish I had the space to make a bending shrink box. The idea is you have a really strong long adjustable metal "box" that you put your plank/post in and then steam it or even dry heat it to a high temp and then the ends of the the box are moved in hydraulically to squeeze the wood in length...
  6. Droogs


    Can't wait for a new SnapOff tool box set
  7. Droogs

    Steam bending strap alternative options?

    3/4" hole pegboard grid, dowel and wedges
  8. Droogs

    WOW! and "OH GOLLY GOSH"

    you'll have to wait for the postman to find out DM79
  9. Droogs

    WOW! and "OH GOLLY GOSH"

    If you have searched for anything to do with sanding on the BG site you may have got this due to that as a lot of the chinese makers translate sanders as vibrator machine
  10. Droogs

    Laburnum source

    I know it is a bit far (but they will courier) I would suggest you try Lanarkshire Hardwoods. https://www.thewoodplace.com/ They specialize in getting timbers from private estates etc and I know for a fact that they had laburnum in stock towrds the end of last year
  11. Droogs

    Chipped edges on new planes and do new planes need sharpening before use?

    Paddy it may be a false sense of security an' all that. Who knows what goes through a mind as cunning and machiavellian super mind like Jacobs. He might have you in his sights for a much bigger hit later :unsure:
  12. Droogs


    @Radish500 Awww m8. Where were you an hour ago???? I've just ordered loads of stuff. ordered the leccy bike and the dewalt kit and the foot spa! I'm gonna be well gutted if that foot spa doesn't turn up :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
  13. Droogs

    CAD - Computer Aided Dilemma?

    Do planning apps need to be hand drawn?
  14. Droogs

    Advice on Kitchen Cabinet Furniture Doodads

    Phew Dr Bob, Iwas starting to think I would have to make euro boxes
  15. Droogs

    shepherds hut

    @AES if I remember correctly you when you started making the model it was of that new Bugatti one wasn't it. The type 35 :p
  16. Droogs

    plane, electric and silverline no4, flatten pine boards

    Hi Simon and a very warm welcome. i think you have discovered power tools can be a little bit scary when new to them :) Before you go too far with your first project you would definately benefit from reading the thread below about joining boards together written by one of the very experienced...
  17. Droogs

    Chipped edges on new planes and do new planes need sharpening before use?

    perhaps a simple IQ test prior to being able to purchase should be introduced
  18. Droogs

    Baffled by bandsaw

    I have to admit J4F, I prefer just using a frame saw
  19. Droogs


    so before the stampede 🐂🐂🐂🐂 begins can we all just let me get all the things I want cheaper before the prices get put up :sneaky: apparently it'll take at least a week to sort out a special bank account, I can't find the debit card from my swiss one
  20. Droogs

    Baffled by bandsaw

    What you want to use to get your cut is a single point fence. basically clamp or glue a straight plank of wood about 90mm high to the table with a tranglular block with the pointy bit 15mm away from the blade. Score/mark your line of cut along the edge of the board to be sawn and push through...