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    Useful knots to learn.

    A Fireman's dobi hitch is a derogatory term on a ship for the knot a fireman uses to tie up his dobhi (laundry).
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    A couple of years is good for them to be the right size. I have twisted a couple of shoots together to get an interesting shape. Also prune them to get a lump on one end for a handle.
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    I have a Hazel in the garden. Some of the shoots are being trained for making walking sticks. People always seem to like them as gifts.
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    Useful knots to learn.

    The one that is missing is a Fireman's dobi hitch.
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    O-level woodwork challenge

    AndyT Finished on time and the important bit was I passed, with an A I believe.
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    O-level woodwork challenge

    That looks just like the exam piece I had for my o level in 1979.
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    O woe is me - I've just eaten the best meatballs ever...

    I didn't realise that there were specific recipes for meatballs. My meatballs are made from all the odd bits that get left in the freezer or fridge. One chicken breast, couple of sausages etc. Last ones had a pork chop, breast of pheasent some partridge legs and couple of rashers of bacon left...
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    Pig arc corrurated iron

    I have bought wiggly tin from a supplier in witham, essex. Not sure if they do the arc stuff. Ernest Doe in usting , Essex . An old style farm suppliers may do it.
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    Routing and finishing a sign

    A trick I have used, is to varnish the sign after the letters have been carved. This makes it easier to remove any hairy bits left from the carving. Also tends to stop the paint bleeding into the exposed end grain, and leaves a cleaner line.
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    How to age brass screw heads

    You can actually buy liquids for giving an aged or patina on various metals. Wife makes jewellery gets her stuff from H S Walsh.
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    Advice on working with 10mm mild steel round bar

    From the shape, am assuming you ate making creels.
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    Working with Olivewood questions!

    Have worked a lot of olive, and it doesn't seem to dry like normal timber. Some of mine has been cut and kept for years, and still only dry for 10 mm or so. The straighter the grain the quicker it dry. I have some whole trees that are all burrs and twisted grain.
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    Ipe/teak in-shower grating/duckboards?

    In the past, these sort of boards where used in showers on some of the ships I use to sail on. All I can say is that they get pretty disgusting and manky really quickly. Though I have made the sort of grating like the picture and they are relatively easy to make, just the joints all need to be...
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    Crosscutting handsaw help required

    Practise practise is my recommendation. My father used to make me cut the bread, he reckoned if you could cut nice even slices, you would be good on wood.
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    Help the kids are taking over my workshop

    I have a 20 foot long shed, that was specifically built for boat building. I came home once from working away to discover teenage daughter had started doing her school artwork in said shed. Over the years she has taken over more space, to cope with lino printing, a freezer full of dead animals...
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    Permanent labels for glass jars?

    At work we use, P TOUCH labels. You can get all sorts of tape. These seem to last outside in extreme weather quite well. The only drawback is you need a special printer, and the tape is pretty expensive.
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    Workholding, low bench, padsaw

    I built one of those so call low benches. It's more of a saw horse with a broad top. Really handy for all sorts of stuff. Makes a great hop up and seat.
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    Drill presses again!

    No one has mentioned Kelly as a make. I love mine and it has 8 to 1 back gearing. Brilliant for drilling big holes.
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    Anybody made a coffin?

    My dad and Grandfather used to make coffins as a side line to building and repairing wooden boats. They had a shed in the village which was always called the coffin shop. In fact still called that even though there hasn't been a coffin made there since the late 70's. I used to like going up...
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    Parquet floor glue?

    There is a special glue available nowadays. Not sure what it's called. Think it's some sort of bitumen.