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  1. Dalboy

    Myford Lathe

    Looks a little like a Myford M type
  2. Dalboy

    Record CL3 bearing wear / lubrication

    I can't remember the last time my lathe needed adjusting 2 or three drops of oil before a turning session. I have adjusted it twice since I have had it and that was 2009. So it should not need adjusting as much as you stated unless there is a major problem
  3. Dalboy

    Question on order for tapping thread

    Also to add to the order of the taps and most important is drilling the correct hole for the size of tap and keeping it square to the hole otherwise it may become harder to tap the deeper you go. Normally ends up breaking a top. Turn tape 1/4 turn in then reverse to start with as a beginner
  4. Dalboy

    A Couple of simple pieces

    Thank you both. It is Beech. This was intended to be this shape I also do some with an undercut I just needed something simple after my break from turning as I mentioned above
  5. Dalboy

    A Couple of simple pieces

    A Couple of simple pieces which I forgot to post the first is a clown from a glass ball and lights sold by Emma The tiny Turner and the second is a Pebble bowl named because of the shape from some spalted beech I had laying around both of these are the first pieces to be produced after spending...
  6. Dalboy

    Affordable grinder help

    I think a bench grinder is the way to go something like the ones that Record power show the advantage is they come with a wider white wheel and as Paul stated a add on platform either home made or even a commercially made one when money allows. Record grinders are not the cheapest around but...
  7. Dalboy

    Turning tools

    I know that some of the tools work out expensive but they are a good investment I have still got and occasionally use my original Robert Sorby bowl gouge yes it is a little short now and it is over 10 years old, I have since replaced it with another. You at least get a tool that once you have...
  8. Dalboy

    Hollowing tools

    Just follow Pauls advice like him I have a number of hollowing tools some at the cheaper end I do tend to use all of them but it depends on which one is suitable for the type of hollowing that I am doing. My most used are the crown sovereign hollowing set that is the small one and the larger one...
  9. Dalboy

    Holly platter (traditionalists look away)

    Very nice, I for one enjoy this type of turning as far as I am concerned I enjoy turning wood like this with voids I have even turned wood with as many voids as there is wood I do like a challenge
  10. Dalboy

    Some turning heresies.

    It is not that it is dangerous as such but the problem is that metal lathes tend to have ways that are oiled therefore wood dust sticks to it and can damage them especially as a metal lathe is used to turn to thousands of an inch unlike wood chisels. I am very fortunate that I own two wood...
  11. Dalboy

    Anyone do any fluting/shaping with a router?

    Another method is to clamp the base board that you run the router jig and make a template the same as the inside/outside shape of the bowl and allow for the tapering at each end fit this to the base now fit a piece of wood to the jig that holds the router at the base use this to follow the...
  12. Dalboy

    How to safely turn very thin

    Turning thin bowls first you will need to be happy doing this if any doubts then practice your tool handling some more first. But this is how I approach doing it, the blank needs to be nice and dry especially if you are a slow turner otherwise it may distort while turning. now turn the outside...
  13. Dalboy


    Have sent a PM Mock
  14. Dalboy

    Help identifying machined taper

    Does not match any jacobs taper measurements
  15. Dalboy

    Newbie with a 1/2" Headstock Spindle Problem

    Personally knowing what I do now I would bite the bullet and get a different lathe as you will always be chasing for bits and pieces. Also you will outgrow it so fast if the addiction realy does bite
  16. Dalboy

    Turning from logs.

    The PDF is the work of Todd Hoyer and I found it useful when I first started to turn many years back This one is a little clearer and has a couple more in it.
  17. Dalboy

    Turning from logs.

    You can cut the bowl blank either way the one from the book just shows the two methods. It does depend on how you want the grain to look on the completed bowl. Have a look at this PDF file
  18. Dalboy

    Chuck question

    Yes it certainly is a metal working chuck get the proper one for the lathe and then send that one to me :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
  19. Dalboy

    Lathe cleanup advice

    Find a local club and join them worth the cost and you can find someone to help teach you which will save a lot of pain. Pallet wood not ideal to play with especially if you do not know what they were use to store on them, leaking chemical drums for example. Dust mask and face shield a must to...
  20. Dalboy

    Lathe cleanup advice

    If that model has sealed bearings it would be a good idea just to replace them at least you will know that they will last you