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  1. thikone

    Cathodic protection for cast iron

    Zinc dust might help! :ROFLMAO: But I did think of trying to plate cast iron tables with Nickel. It is possible to buy nickel electrolyte and then use a sponge with electrode and second electrode is the table itself. Some rubbing (wax on, wax off) and very thin layer is there. Heck, you can...
  2. thikone

    No 5 plane - what is it for?

    I would definitely second that! The right way to look at it is through efficiency or productivity. How many planes, their sizes and settings or tuning thereof - all should allow you to do the job faster, better and less tiring. And not any job, but the one you do or do the most. The rest stems...
  3. thikone

    Shooting board doesn’t work properly.

    First try to plane wide end grain, like a factory made pine panel. If that goes well then there is a chance it will work with shooting board.
  4. thikone

    Hand Plane setup, sharpening & how to plane properly - in person course

    When I was learning how to plane I read and saw a lot about winding sticks and was going to make some, of course. But when I built my workbench 100+ kg and flattened the top with #7 it turned out so great that I used it to check other surfaces for flatness. It also takes seconds to use. I just...
  5. thikone

    Planer Thicknesser advice.

    I think I saw in some youtube videos comparisons of these three models and one of them saying something like "A3-26 is a toy, get A3-31 instead". Probably because A3-31 is a more machine for not very much more money. I got A3-41 last summer and FB-510 bandsaw because I don't plan to buy any...
  6. thikone

    Buying a AirCleaner thing/box

    Happened to mine AC400 too. Not completely though, but it would only turn on at Low speed and when I try to set it to any other speed than it was on initially it will stop spinning until I press Off and On again. Heh, I was investigating what was wrong and capacitors are always first to check...
  7. thikone

    So, do most of you use sketch up for your designs?

    I use SketchUp because I can. I learnt how to use it well. I use pencil and paper up to my abilities to draw. I cannot match in accuracy of proportions using pencil. I don't use a ruler on paper because it is easier to go to SketchUp when accuracy and straightness is needed. What was the...
  8. thikone

    I don't have much luck with jigsaws!

    Interestingly, no one says anything about direction of cut here. I also didn't have much luck with my corded jigsaw. It would cut alright 8 mm floor laminate. And cross cut pine and beech. But would completely stop cutting when ripping. When I wanted to rip 60 mm pine - I couldn't cut even...
  9. thikone

    Share your 3D Printed Tools and Jigs

    I print my functional parts with FormFutura ApolloX, which is some ASA based mixture. Prints really well with 250°C nozzle and 90°C bed temperatures. The color selection is not that great, but there is white and black that I consume a lot for functional parts. I use TierTime UP Mini 2 fully...
  10. thikone

    Recommend a 3D printer for c£400

    I wanted something to print well with ABS/ASA, since I'm mostly interested in functional parts and things repairs. Got TierTime UP Mini 2 for 480 EUR. It has rather small print space, only 12 cm cubed. I think of it as smallest of expensive ones. Jumped from SketchUp to Fusion 360 and already...
  11. thikone

    Drilling accurate holes.

    I would find something to insert into first hole before drilling the second one. Piece of wooden dowel in 19mm or 3/4" diameter?
  12. thikone

    Workbench design

    This workbench design looks somewhat similar to what I have built, albeit it is from solid wood and heavy, to do hand planes dimensioning. So, the dark side bench I have: I then added middle top part, so it actually looks like this: It is build from countertops, basically, form 27 mm beech...
  13. thikone

    Do fancy spiral thicknessers just work without tearout?

    Ah, I found the video where I saw the difference: So, it is indeed a different cutting angle. About 45° for straight knifes and about 65° for segmented knifes. The drawback is that it is harder to push wood over such cutter. And no tearout on hardwood but not smooth surface on softwood...
  14. thikone

    Do fancy spiral thicknessers just work without tearout?

    Could you perhaps measure the cutting angle? Because given this: and this It might be that straight knifes have smaller cutting angle. Therefore, good for softwood but not so good for hardwood. And spiral segmented knifes have bigger cutting angle. Which makes them better on hardwood but...
  15. thikone

    What lies behind drawer #1?

    Timeless design, great addition to your legacy! Forgive me for slightly unrelated question, but how do you clean fine dust on workbench and under it (and now on top of this cabinet) after sawing with a hand saw? I ask this question because in my head this place under the top of my workbench is...
  16. thikone

    List of notable woodworkers who use only hand tools

    Phew, I have a chance then! I can sleep well again. :) English is my second language and I got it differently. Hehe, under her apartment, not under her! :) Anyway, my tools (or machines) are too big and probably scared her away. About the original topic now. I like scientific approach and...
  17. thikone

    List of notable woodworkers who use only hand tools

    I plan to do that too, to hear it for myself. There is a young student girl above the basement. I showed her what machines I have put under her apartment. Maybe she doesn't realize yet but her reply was "as long as it is quiet after 10pm". Also I was thinking to make something from wood for...
  18. thikone

    List of notable woodworkers who use only hand tools

    I also work in apartment with plenty of neighbors around. I managed to make friends with most of them. At least I'm lucky that those close to us are not old and many have children. Still, they might do or say something behind my back... I work in a separate room that was supposed to be...
  19. thikone

    Small Bandsaw

    I have Record Power BS250 for 5 years or so. There are also other brands with the same look. Sometimes they have different table or different fence and some can be even two speed... Probably they all come from the same factory (from Asia?). It took some time to set it up correctly and to master...
  20. thikone

    Small SDS battery drill....

    It's a beast! Makita 10.8V version is HR166DZ and for 18V is DHR171Z, choose whatever batteries you have. I have 10.8V version and I'm very impressed by it. It weights only 2.0 Kg and has 1 J impact which is just perfect for my walls, where I drill mostly 8mm holes. Recently also helped a...