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  1. robgul

    Glue syringes?

    Good tip - I'll ask
  2. robgul

    Glue syringes?

    The eraser shield idea sounds like a neat trick - likewise the plexiglass. For the repair I've just done I fed glue under the thinner-than-paper veneer with an artist's paintbrush and a scalpel blade - then clamped the area between two boards - with some silicone baking parchment over the...
  3. robgul

    Glue syringes?

    Too late - totally grey (she'd call it silver) :)
  4. robgul

    Glue syringes?

    Ah - never thought of that - I have an INR test in a couple of weeks, I'll ask the nurse.
  5. robgul

    Glue syringes?

    I've looked at a number of listings on Google but really need some advice please . . . First task I have is to be able to get glue (e.g. Titebond) under lifted veneer* to effect a repair - other tasks are the need to feed a fine line of glue onto a 6 or 8mm edge of a board. What's the best...
  6. robgul

    Blum drawer slides - self centering drill bit necessary?

    This might be useful from YouTube a couple of days ago
  7. robgul

    Mystery item - tester/microscope

    I bought this at a junk sale today - it seems to be of quite good quality, well made and in the original fitted plywood case. It says P T Barclay & Partners - SAM1 on it. So far I've tracked down that the business was in the UK and dissolved in 2010. Any ideas what it might have been used...
  8. robgul

    Router Table - Home Made.

    That's exactly how my table adjusts the height at the moment - little scissor lift which, IIRC, cost about a tenner from China. Works fine but I really want to remove the guide springs to make it easier (see prev post) I fitted the larger knob on the lift for finer adjustment. The whole...
  9. robgul

    Router Table - Home Made.

    That's pretty neat - the router I have in my (similar) home-made table has the guides fixed in with some sort of pin that I can't seem to remove - I shall persevere as the threaded rise and fall is useful. I assume you still use the "plunge lock" in conjunction with the threaded rod?
  10. robgul

    Evolution track in a "sale"

    Never mind the price - just savour the free delivery! Having been in the market for a number of tools recently I have been amazed at the massive variations in some of the prices that the supposed "tool stores" have between them . . .
  11. robgul

    "Collector" or what?

    This heading towards a "Confessions of a tool junkie" thread! I too have accumulated a lot of tools over the past 50 years or so - some from my father and grandfather - and now have well-equipped woodworking and bicycle repair workshop areas . . every now and again I try to have a clear-out...
  12. robgul

    Having trouble with wood finishes…hardwax oils vs varnish

    I've used OSMO Top Oil clear - several coats, takes ages to dry but seems very durable.
  13. robgul

    Restoration vs repair

    I too was surprised that he used PVA - and white PVA at that - if I was going to use PVA I'd have used yellow (like Titebond) as that has some other properties. Reality is that chair is unlikely to be sat on - being of such value/provenance so perhaps not so much of an issue?
  14. robgul

    FTAGH FTAGH 900mm cooker hood

    . . . or make a frame/legs of some sort to mount it upside down, a couple of grids and you have a barbecue . . . that's what our old cooker hood became (y)
  15. robgul

    Advice required

    I was referring to the word "filler" usually being like wood filler/Alabastine/Polyfilla/caulking etc whereas the filler used for the purpose here is pretty much a liquid. I agree that it does "fill" but not in the traditional sense of "filling" a gap.
  16. robgul

    FTAGH Elliot Borer/mill (now gone)

    Dominic Chinea (bloke with beard on Repair Shop) has just acquired Bridgeport similar machine - YT video this afternon. He'd have bitten your hand off.
  17. robgul

    Mystery Brass Tool

    As it's brass I doubt that it's anything to do with food or drink as the metal would taint.
  18. robgul

    Air filter - RecordPower AC400, initial observations

    Your experience is pretty much as mine - good machine although the remote aligning isn't brilliant. As mentioned elsewhere I found the chains a PITA and constructed a "cradle" attached to the joists forming a platform for the box to sit on (and a small space for a couple of tools) The...
  19. robgul

    MFT worktop finishing

    Screwfix - cheapest - I happened to have satin from another project. It's water-based and pretty much dries straight off the brush - and no odour to speak of. https://www.screwfix.com/p/no-nonsense-quick-dry-varnish-satin-clear-750ml/30824#product_additional_details_container
  20. robgul

    Need some guidance with my wood floor

    Have to say that was my first thought as a landlord of a couple of flats - if our tenants took up the carpet (or made any other material changes) we'd be displeased to put it mildly.