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    Coming out of retirement!

    Cling film dispenser
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    Just got back from Rome

    I found this shop in Rome, I'm sure more people have been there and seen it, but the motor bikes I thought were brilliant and worth posting ,they were made by Bartolucci http://s495.photobucket.com/user/Davon0 ... sort=6&o=3 http://s495.photobucket.com/user/Davon0 ... sort=6&o=2...
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    Vaneering with pva

    When you use contact adhesive it does what it says on the tin.......adheres as soon as it makes contact At least with pva you have some time to re-position your veneer if need be, although you should leave for a few minutes before applying the veneer. Davon
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    Angle dilemma

    Many thanks for all your trouble Mr M Davon
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    Angle dilemma

    You raise good points there xy I'll get pondering Thanks again Davon
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    Angle dilemma

    Thanks xy, Now why did I not think of that :oops: I think this should work. Davon
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    Angle dilemma

    Hi , I have a problem I'm hoping someone can help me with, I need to cut 16pcs as shown in the sketch, I don't want to use a hand saw because I need them to be totally accurate I have already cut them all to size but now I need to cut a 45deg on a diagonal path, are there any tips anyone can...
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    Petition re: ash tree disease.

    Signed, thanks for the link Davon
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    House deeds

    Thanks for the replies, I Googled land registry and read that you can acquire copies at any time ( for a price of course ) so I think I will scan and copy to cd and store them at home. Davon
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    House deeds

    Hi, I've just finished paying for my house :D but now I'm wondering where is the best place to store the deeds ? bank, solicitors ? I just wondered where most people keep theirs. Thanks Davon
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    New to the forum

    Hi Mike, I, like you, was looking for a "budget" lathe to start me off and I bought the Axminster awsl I have been and still am very pleased with it ( I also bought the extension, a must in my opinion), but if I had my time again I would buy the awsl variable speed, it's too time consuming...
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    Hi Lastminute, go to documents and in the left hand pane d/click downloads, it should be there. Davon
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    http://www.diynot.com Electrics, might help Davon
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    Baffled ( web addresses not working )

    Ha!! When I was with AOL I couldn't even stay connected....it used to connect and drop off within 2 minutes, I have never had problems with VM before so lets hope it's a one off. Dennis
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    Baffled ( web addresses not working )

    I am :) :) That must be it then, many thanks Jen I've just been going down the route of installing ie9 before uninstalling and then re-installing F/F You saved me some aggro there, thanks again. Dennis
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    Baffled ( web addresses not working )

    Hi , For the last couple of days I have been trying to access the Axminster, Rutlands and several other websites on my desktop pc and two different laptops in the house. I keep getting timed out, however, I can access any other sites with no problem ( such as Fine woodworking ). I have run...
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    F W complimentary download

    I take it that's a no then
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    F W complimentary download

    Hi, FW have emailed me with a complimentary download of 19 projects, has anyone else had this ? I have been trying to download it but to no avail. I'm sure it's not me doing anything wrong cause I'm a genius with computers :) Davon
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    Maths question

    Bleedin Norah!!!!.........your right I couldn't watch it all ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) Davon