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    Sharpening stone identifiaction please

    Can anyone give me an idea as to what this stone is? Came across it in a junk shop a few weeks back. It was completely black when I got it. Got around to cleaning it this weekend and it seems to be a natural stone of some sort. It's very smooth to the touch now it's been cleaned and flattened...
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    saw file size

    I have acquired a small tenon saw that needs a good sharpen. Unfortunately all the saw files I have are a bit too big- they are giving me all gullet and not a lot of tooth. Its 16 tpi. What size file should I be using and can anyone recommend a brand? Cheers David
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    spirit level resto question

    Does anyone know what the material/substance was that they used to bed and level the glass vials in the old spirit levels. I need to replace the vial in an old wooden one, the original being cracked and devoid of fluid, and on taking it apart it looks like some sort of putty but it seems too...
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    Tool makers marks

    Does anybody know of a reasonably comprehensive list of tool makers marks available anywhere; preferably English. I find it interesting to find out who made what and when should I come across a tool with a mark on it. I've tried the usual google search, etc but there is just too much stuff to...
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    Odd auger type bit

    Anyone know what this is used for? I could guess but I'd probably be wrong.
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    log saw sharpening?

    A few saw sharpening questions if I may. Would I be correct in calling this a 'kings tooth' profile? What do you use to set this saw with. Is it one of the bigger saw sets or is it done with a hammer and small anvil to swage the teeth over? When it comes to sharpening, would I file the inside...
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    Missing record 050 screws

    I've eventually bought a Record No 050 from the bay but unfortunately it's missing the spur screws. By some miracle the spurs are still there. Does anyone know what the thread is so I can source something similar and cut them down to fit. Thanks
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    Expensive chisels

    I was going to say is this a typo in the price but there are 114 people watching it! And lots sold. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NAREX-8116-Ca ... WmHkOXzs7w Why are they so expensive?
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    Record No 50a

    Does anybody have any opinion on the Record No50a combination plane? I've been thinking about getting one or something like it for a while. Do they work well? I was hoping to use the tongue and groove cutters and the beaders to do the boards on a couple of decent barn doors next year. Has...
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    restore or bin?

    This was being thrown out by a junk shop that I was passing over the weekend. Does anyone think it's worth doing any restoring on it and putting it back into service? I have no idea if it's good make or not but it's definitely old. And it's also missing that all important saw nut. The stamp...
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    Big log cross-cut saw question.

    I'm thinking about obtaining, when one surfaces on one of the second hand sites, one of those heavy logging crosscut saws to cut logs for our new wood burning fire. A single man version about 36" or thereabouts. Has anybody returned anything similar to use? Having looked in an old tyzack...
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    Old Disston Back Saw

    Hi all. Got this back saw from a car boot a week or two ago and i'm looking to breathe some new life into it. As you can see from the full picture there is a taper from the back by the handle to the front. On removing the handle i've found the blade doesn't fully enter into the spine. As you...
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    sharpening wooden moulding planes

    I have come by an old box of wooden moulding planes that have seen better days and they all need cleaning, de-rusting and sharpening. In short, how do I go about it? Is it a case of an expensive set of slipstones and profiled leather honing wheels? Are there any another methods? All advice...
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    Square repair problem

    Has anyone any experience of repairing these things? As you can see from the photo, the brass face has come away at the top and I can't think how I would re-attach it and make it useable again ( the metal thing in the gap is a fat feeler gauge ). How is the brass face attached to the wooden...
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    Record tote bar

    Hi all. Can anyone tell me what the tote bar thread size is in a record No4. I guess that it isn't that old, probably late 60's early 70's but that's a guess as i'm no expert. On the cutter it has "Record. Tungsten vanadium steel. Made in england". And on the cap iron it has "Correct angle for...
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    Old stanley sweetheart brand

    Can anybody shed some light on the stanley sweetheart tools that were manufactured way back. Not the new lot that they have recently resurrected. I've come across them occasionally in my quest to get a half decent hand tool set up but have no idea of their quality. Were they any better than the...
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    A hand plane question

    Happy New Year all. I've been searching for a couple of decent secondhand hand planes for ages ( years in fact ), unfortunately with little success. I would ideally like to come across some old rusty and unloved ones from somewhere and restore them to working condition. I don't really know...
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    Knee pads.

    Can anybody recommend a good quality set of knee pads? Primarily they need to be really comfortable and they need to be a decent fit - a lot of the ones i've tried in the past fall down my legs when done up to their tightest..and i've got pretty big legs. Price isn't an issue. thanks.
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    Steel Wool

    Anyone care to recommend a decent manufacturer or steel wool. I purchased a load of english abrasives brand years ago and it's about to run out. I went to search online for them and it seems that they dont exist any more?!! The cheap ones crumble badly so has anyone got experience of a good...
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    Good circular saw blades?

    Hi all. Do any of you have any experience of this companies circular saw blades? http://www.summitsawblades.co.uk/index.htm I was looking around for a decent high tooth blade for cross-cutting, a good finish and the like and I came across them after a search. They seem awfully cheap for good...