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    I have an apple tree trunk, any use to anyone?

    Our dead apple tree recently came down and I have a trunk of approx 6' X 8". I'm not going to be able to do anything with it so is it of value to anyone? Cheers
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    Replacing an interior door jamb. What's the best way?

    I want to put a new door on our bathroom and use three hinges as the room gets very wet and humid. The existing jamb isn't great and the two hinge recesses are oversized, hence a new jamb. A whole new frame is probably the best bet but knowing my luck and abilities, this will probably turn...
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    Please help an silly person out with cutting straight (with pics)

    Chaps, I'm struggling making straight cuts on the bandsaw. Using the included metal mitre gauge that I'm very happy is at 90', when I feed a piece through, the blade wanders off line. I will eventually make cross cut and mitre sleds but need to get my feeding technique right first. Here are...
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    A symphony of woods (windmill content)

    Late last year I did some photos inside Jill windmill on the South Downs near Brighton I'm not even going to pretend to understand the various workings or identify the different woods in her construction so here's a few snaps for you Interior of Jill Windmill, Sussex by Mike Anton, on Flickr...
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    Running power to my shed, but trying to avoid a big trench

    My shed is at the bottom of our garden and is approx 25m from the house. 15m is garden, the remainder is paved patio which is one two levels, which has about 1m of height gain through the patio. I've been putting off hard wiring the shed for too long but do really need to bite the bullet. I...
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    Long time since I've been on here and I have a Bandsaw Q

    Afternoon all and apols for the incoming "what bandsaw?" question #213 (hammer) Been looking at around the £500 mark for a decentish machine which will be used for general pottering about. I'm down to the following; Warco 14" Makita LB1200F Record BS300e Axy HBS350N Charnwood B350 Visited...
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    Heating and moisture control recommendations for a shed

    Apols for the book but I'm back on to the man cave now that winter's here and have finally finished the interior lining. Shed is 16 X 12 ship lap and I've added extra wall battens, infilled with 25mm celotex and lined with 18mm mdf. Running a small fan heater in the recent cold weather has...
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    9 degree router bits

    A chap on another forum has asked where he can get 9 and 11.25' router bits. Not sure what they're for but I suggested a jig to tilt the work piece to the requisite angle. Does anyone know if such things exist and if so, where they can be purchased? Cheers Mike
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    Router dust extraction Q

    I've got a Makita RP2301 1/2" router which has a dust extraction cover port, but which is about as much use as the proverbial chocolate teapot. I'm using it 'freehand', connected up to a Fes CTL mini but yesterday's dust storm saw most of the debris blowing out the routed channel I was cutting...
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    Anyone with a planer/thickenser in Mid Sussex?

    I need to plane down some 100 X47 rough sawn planks and wondered if there's anyone on here within say 10 miles of Haywards Heath, who could run these through their machine? I only need to take 4mm off the 47mm section but the planks aren't very flat and let's just say it took a while to do one...
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    Shed wiring, cables in the walls or in conduit?

    Chaps My new shed is up and I'm now working out the electrics for it. I'm looking at two external double sockets (for the mower etc) eight doubles inside and a separate light circuit. Might split the power sockets in to two radial circuits for ultimate redundancy. I'll be getting a sparks...
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    Ideas on how to make this bike rack?

    I couldn't decide what section to put this post in so mods, please move if required. I'm thinking of hanging my bikes in't new shed and looked at these vertical racks. The vertical rack will be easy to do but what about the hanging bracket? Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this in...
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    Probably a dumb Q; rebating a 'railway' sleeper

    Folks I've just got ten new oak 'sleepers' to act as a base for my new shed but I need to cut a rebate in them. One end is going to rest on a 9" hollow concrete block wall, butted up to a new 4" concrete raft. T'other end of the sleepers will be resting on gabion cages. The sleepers are 5"...
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    What tool to add to the collection next?

    New workshop is on order and I'll finally have a decent sized space to work fully under cover. I've recently fallen into the Festool trap and now have a MFT3, TS55 and CTL midi :roll: :lol: . Also added a Makita 1/2" router to go with a 1/4" Dewalt. Other random kit includes a old Burgess...
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    DIY shed build; plans and likely costs

    Folks I posted an earlier thread about buying a new shed but am wondering whether DIY is going to be viable. TBH I'm likely to stick with getting one made to order for speed and convenience but could anyone help with the following questions? Shed dimensions 12' wide apex X 16' long Can you...
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    Train sized wood working shop (Bluebell Railway)

    I shoot 360' VR panoramics for fun and every now and then I pop over the to Bluebell Steam Railway and take some snaps. Most of the 360's on this gallery page - http://www.mikeanton.com/360panos/Bluebellrailway.html have been taken in the Carriage Works at Horsted Keynes, where the staff and...
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    1st post; new work SHED thoughts and suggestions

    Hi all and apologies in advance for this book of a 1st post. I discovered this forum after doing some interweb grazing on workshop ideas. I've already read a number of the threads and there is some fantastic work and very helpful people on here. Trouble is, the quality is so high that I don't...