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    Just got back from Rome

    I found this shop in Rome, I'm sure more people have been there and seen it, but the motor bikes I thought were brilliant and worth posting ,they were made by Bartolucci http://s495.photobucket.com/user/Davon0 ... sort=6&o=3 http://s495.photobucket.com/user/Davon0 ... sort=6&o=2...
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    Angle dilemma

    Hi , I have a problem I'm hoping someone can help me with, I need to cut 16pcs as shown in the sketch, I don't want to use a hand saw because I need them to be totally accurate I have already cut them all to size but now I need to cut a 45deg on a diagonal path, are there any tips anyone can...
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    House deeds

    Hi, I've just finished paying for my house :D but now I'm wondering where is the best place to store the deeds ? bank, solicitors ? I just wondered where most people keep theirs. Thanks Davon
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    Baffled ( web addresses not working )

    Hi , For the last couple of days I have been trying to access the Axminster, Rutlands and several other websites on my desktop pc and two different laptops in the house. I keep getting timed out, however, I can access any other sites with no problem ( such as Fine woodworking ). I have run...
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    F W complimentary download

    Hi, FW have emailed me with a complimentary download of 19 projects, has anyone else had this ? I have been trying to download it but to no avail. I'm sure it's not me doing anything wrong cause I'm a genius with computers :) Davon
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    Patterned wallpaper

    I've got a question which I think may have conflicting answers. :? If you bought a patterned wallpaper that does not require matching on the edges, and although the pattern is "regular" Do you hang it in a " random" fashion and by doing this you get four lengths out of the piece or do...
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    Laminated rockers

    Hi, I've been looking at Sam Maloofs rocking chair on Fine Woodworking, he shows how he laminates the rockers but I wondered :?: what is the benefit ( there must be one or he wouldn't have done it ) of laminating as opposed to a single piece of wood ? Davon
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    Knotty problems

    Hi all , I've just started to learn the art of woodturning ( although I've had my lathe for a year :oops: ) I made the candlesticks as a first attempt and have learned quite a bit by making mistakes and watching youtube videos, and as Christmas decorations I'm quite happy with them, although...
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    Hi, today I saw an old (ish) advert for a Trend routasketch http://www.toolshopdirect.co.uk/images/ ... 00x120.jpg It appears they are discontinued, does anyone know where I could get one ( new or used, but preferably new ) Thanks Davon Or even a similar thing from a different manufacturer
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    sandolin extra or not ??

    Hi, I'm considering using Sandolin extra satin on some black walnut( in a bathroom ), I want a waterproof finish but I don't want it to be glossy, has anyone used this product ? and if so what do you think ? Thanks Davon
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    European oak sideboard

    Hi, I thought I'd post some pics of the sideboard I've been working on and now I come to upload them........I can't find half of them :oops: however here are the pics I have found. When it came to biscuit jointing the top I laid it flat in situ and clamped it to the carcass to keep it flat. I...
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    De Walt 1150 planer/thicknesser

    Hi, does anyone know where I can get a pdf manual for this, my brother-in-law has just been given one but without a manual, it's in sort of ok condition but does need some attention. Thanks Davon
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    AW12BM Bench Morticer ( ex Axminster)

    Hi, This happened today whilst I was mortising some EU oak, I bought it in October 2009. has anyone else had this happen or am I just lucky? I ended up using my ingenuity so that I could finish the job. Davon
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    Nail it

    Don't know if you've already seen this but This guy is good ( possibly a tad dangerous )
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    Steam bending EU oak ( problems)

    I've been trying my hand at steam bending using EU oak. The test piece I used was 70mm wide x 19mm thick x 400mm length I placed it in the steamer for 1hr and then tried to bend it around an mdf form I have made, but it wouldn't bend enough, tried another piece for 1 1/2hrs still would not...
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    eu oak dining table

    I'm thinking of making a eu oak dining table. The top would be made up of 32mm x 171mm boards. I would like to put a 44mm x 32mm edge all round and have mitred corners Would appreciate some imput as to possible pitfalls with the edging. Thanks Davon
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    Herr Hammerman

    http://s495.photobucket.com/albums/rr31 ... nanail.flv :roll: Davon
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    Astley Hall..Chorley, Lancs

    At the risk of appearing thick :) can anyone tell me why, this room at Astley Hall is so "out of plumb" subsidence? poor workmanship :? I know it's old but HEY! Davon
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    prices are rising

    I KNOW WE'RE IN A RECESSION BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS The Technique of Furniture Making (Paperback) by Ernest Joyce (Author), Alan Peters (Editor) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ‹ Return to product information Price at a Glance RRP: £19.99...
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    cd/player cabinet

    [I made this recently but no wip pics ( BL**DY computer crash ) lost them. I know there are faults but practice makes me make more mistakes. URL=http://img525.imageshack.us/i/p9070001e.jpg/][/URL] Davon