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    Woodworking Youtubers

    I'd also add a 4th category for the "unboxers". Pretty much a shopping channel and they can't open a packet of screws without doing an unboxing video about it!
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    Aldi Bandsaw ( new model) coming soon. Buy it or choose other model

    Website says that they're sold out now.
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    Advice for new carer

    I thought that the purpose of a continuing healthcare (chc) assessment is to establish how much % of a person's care package will be paid by the NHS and how much % of it will be paid by adult social care (for those people who have healthcare needs as well as social care needs)?
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    Ferrex Bandsaw special buy is back - £149.99 + £9.95 Postage

    This Ferrex bandsaw is a re-badged Scheppach HBS261 which costs £250 at Screwfix. There's a recent thread (several pages long) all about the Ferrex bandsaw. Unfortunately quite a few were delivered with damage to the base and some people had lots of problems with the courier that Aldi uses to...
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    Advice for new carer

    Apart from adult social services, most counties will also have a voluntary organisation / charity that provides support and advice for carers. From looking online, there’s an organisation called Carers Matter Norfolk. Probably worth giving them a ring for advice and information...
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    Aldi Bandsaw ( new model) coming soon. Buy it or choose other model

    Yes, I received a marketing email from Aldi this evening and the Ferrex bandsaw is featured in the email.
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    Evolution track in a "sale"

    Which plunge saw did you did you go for? I've been watching some of PM's series as well and would like to get one soon (for occasional hobby use).
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    Careful who you let teach you (table saws again)

    Crikey, that's a scary thought! There are some good safety videos on youtube about how to use a table saw. But there are also lots of people on youtube who use their saw without a blade guard.
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    Kings of the Wood (tv programme)

    It isn't the same programme as Britain's "Best" Woodworker. This one includes one of the furniture restorers from Salvage Hunters: The Restorers and it also includes one of the professional woodworkers from Jay's Yorkshire Workshop (but I can't remember either of their names, doh!)
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    Kings of the Wood (tv programme)

    Just seen a trailer for this, on Quest tv channel. Starts 25th January (9pm) on Quest, but I don't know if it's a new programme or if it's a repeat. I can't find much info about it online but it looks like there's some familiar faces involved: "Witness an elite group of master carpenters...
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    Mitre saw advice, to mount against the wall with minimal rear-clearance

    That's a good idea, I hadn't thought of that, thanks very much!
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    Mitre saw advice, to mount against the wall with minimal rear-clearance

    On YouTube a lot of people also make a mitre saw cabinet to help contain the dust (as well as being hooked up to dust extraction). Have you got room to add one of these around your saw? Unfortunately I don't have room for one in my little shed.
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    Detached garage modernisation/conversion advice

    If you’re planning to remove the thatch from that roof you’ll need to be careful. It’s possible that the plants will have air roots which have grown out of the stems and bedded themselves into the roof material (which could be asbestos, as others have already said). If you pull the thatch off...
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    Best advert on Youtube

    Sounds good! Would it also stop the video adverts from playing before, during and after any YouTube videos that I’m trying to watch?
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    DW720 advice needed please

    OP is from 2013 (by someone who only posted twice since joining?)
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    Trend Pocket Hole Jig (dual column)

    Ah great, those pics are really helpful, thanks very much! I'll do some test pieces with boards of different thicknesses so that I can get used to which ones need a shim (and how thick it needs to be). Your baseboard and fin is a great idea and can be used with a few different pieces of...
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    Trend Pocket Hole Jig (dual column)

    That's really helpful and any pics would be great (if possible), thank you! I've ordered the jig and I'm planning to mount it to a board so that I can clamp it to my bench when I'm using it. I hadn't realised that the height of the towers aren't adjustable for different thicknesses of boards /...
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    Trend Pocket Hole Jig (dual column)

    Thanks for the tip @robgul. Just wanted to check if I've understood where you're saying to put the shim. I think I read in a previous post on here that you'd successfully used a ph jig with pallet boards, which is probably something that I'll do as well. So, if I have a pallet board clamped...
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    Trend Pocket Hole Jig (dual column)

    Currently £52.95 on Amazon (reduced from £80.44). There's plenty of videos on YouTube about this jig. Trend PH Pocket Hole Jig Dual Column, Black, 29-63mm : Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools
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    Aldi Bandsaw ( new model) coming soon. Buy it or choose other model

    Post number 71 on p.4 of this thread also has a link to a pdf version of the Scheppach manual.