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  1. yorkshirepudding

    Verdigris effect

    Has anyone tried metallic reactive paints? I.e. Those copper, iron or brass paints which use an additive to give a verdigris/rust effect. If so do they work and can you tell me a supplier please?
  2. yorkshirepudding

    Does size matter?

    I'm in something of a quandary. Choosing between two lathes, should I go for a) 16" over bed and 2 hp or b) 21" over bed and 1.5 hp? Would I miss that 1/2 hp or would I miss the extra capacity more?
  3. yorkshirepudding

    Timber supplies

    Since the demise of John Boddy's I have problems sourcing timber. Does anyone know of places, preferably in Yorkshire where it is possible to browse a varied range of planed woods? The multiples don't seem to want to know us DIYers and I'd rather give my cash to someone who will help and advise...
  4. yorkshirepudding

    Leigh D4 dovetail jig.

    Has anyone used router bits other than the standard 8° ones on this jig? Can anyone foresee problems in doing so?
  5. yorkshirepudding

    Finishing for turners

    Why don't wood turners use mainstream wood finishing products. We go to great lengths to get a high gloss but not with the various varnishes etc. which are commonly available. There must be a good reason but it escapes me.