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    Scraper shapes.

    Have just made myself a scraper like No 1 to make some rings. found I had to grind some clearance on the non cutting side to prevent it fouling on the opposite side. With rings you are scraping in 15, to 20 mm openings hence the clearance requirement.
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    Brad point bits with accurate tip

    You need to mike your bits and discard those that are off centre. The distance from tip to spur needs to be identical for each side . any difference here means there was a grinding error in manufacture. I have had cheap drills perfectly centered and expensive ones off centre. Now I drill my pen...
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    Jointer Plane Timber ID ?

    They call the industry Flavours and Fragrances and its fascinating. Did some consulting work at one.
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    Replacement plane iron

    O1 refers to the High Carbon Oil Hardening steel where the A2 refers to the AIR hardening steel. O1 was the first of the tool steels developed in the late 1800 early 1900's . Have a look at theis list of tool steels and the definition Tool Steel Classifications
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    Turning tool, at least I think so.

    Have a look at the hook turning tools used by the Chinese/Japanese for turning the rice bowls , they use that hook shape for peeling/ hollowing of the bowls. Use on the softer woods , also used by the Scandinavian turners for turning birch spruce etc. This video shows some typical use of hook tools
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    What is this tool.

    The collective knowledge of the Forum members in identifying old tools, never ceases to amaze me . well done
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    Replacement firepit bowl?

    Get a harrow or ploughshare blade from your local agricultural supplier and cut it down to size if necessary.. the blades are usually 20mm thick and 400/500mm in diameter. might not be as dished as your fire pit was, but here in South Africa that is used for fire pits and braais (Barbecue) (...
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    Reamer DIY

    Make yourself a D-Bit Taper reamer of the correct dimensions. These are easily made and used in Model Engineering. ( google Toolmakers Reamer or D-Bit taper reamer) . Turn it up from some silver steel and file a flat exactly at the mid line, then harden.
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    Shoulder plane iron

    Thanks for the reply They call it the City of Brotherly love , but we found it the most unfriendly of all the cities we visited in the US ( Lived in 5 states , worked in 9 and visited 38 of them so saw a good portion of your country , and 3 Canadian provinces as well) Spent 9 months consulting...
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    Shoulder plane iron

    DW wrote Rosewood for the wedge. Softer wood won't feel the same and may get squash by the metal parts. I'd make you one (iron) free if you were in the states. Just as a matter of interest what steel are would you use to make a plane iron , O1 or something similar. (we call it Gauge Plate here...
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    Mystery tool

    Looks like a sight adjusting screwdriver for use with the front sights of a FN-FAL or R1 the South African version of the L1A1 SLR 7.62, used by the British forces. The hole was for attaching the cleaning rod . Front sight (pin) was adjusted for windage with one of these slotted screwdrivers ...
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    2020 Secret Santa ......and we're off!

    Always follow this thread with interest. Too far away to participate , but am amazed by the thought and quality of the gifts. well done guys. And all the best for 2021 Richard
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    Moore and Wright combination square

    Moore and Wright is a British firm founded in 1906 whilst Starrett is American founded in the 1880's. Both excellent brands of measuring tools, just need to check whether it is still accurate. (probably both made in the east now)
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    Makita 2012 NB Planer Thicknesser Depth Adjustment

    Have one for 15 yrs and it jammed up once because the four columns in the corners had become dirty/slight corrosion etc. cleaned them off with scotchbrite pads and oiled them . no more problems. now the cleaning of the columns is part of the regular maintenance.
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    Baffled by bandsaw

    An easy way to resaw on a bandsaw without a fence is to mark two lines down the centre about 1, 2 mm apart then saw by eye between the lines. it is a lot easier to keep the blade between the lines than follow a single line and to correct the wander.
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    How to make a moulding plane - historic films available

    Maybe it was staged but if you go back and look at the the Woodworker magazines of '59 to '64 you will see that Marples were advertising wooden planes (4, 4 1/2 , and jack planes) in prime position in the magazines. So maybe they were just getting rid of excess stock or they were making and...
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    How to make a moulding plane - historic films available

    thanks Andy , really great watching the old craftsmen at work (old he's only a few years older than me. ) Richard
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    An unusual chisel?

    If you have a look at the Master Class in the June 2020 issue 282 of the Fine WoodWorking magazine you can see the author using a spear point chisel on page 83. Judging by the handle it looks like a Pheil brand. I looked twice at the photo before realizing what it was. Obviously has a use in...
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    Forstner bits under size

    Forstner bits usually get 'red' hot when drilling so maybe the manufacturers are making allowance for the expansion and only the 2nd 3rd holes etc are true sizes. ( that we could be so lucky and the manufacturers think that far ahead) lol
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    Warm wood

    It is normal and more so when turning kiln dried wood. If you look at metal turnings then you often/usually find the the metal chips coming off are blue from the heat. And this is even when copious amounts of coolant are used. If you go into the literature on metal turning , then you get info...