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    Hidrofuga MDF

    Has anyone tried Hidrofuga MRMDF? I’m currently talking to a potential new panels supplier who is telling me that it is good stuff. There are a couple of videos onYouTube which suggest that it gives a superior spray finish to a Medite MRMDF with less work. But it’s not cheap. It’s almost a...
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    Prelacquered birch ply for carcasses

    Has any any experience of using this for building carcasses? I can get it at a good price (only a few pounds more expensive than unfinished), so it is a tempting prospect. My concerns are 1) scratching it when machining and 2) finishing the edges without covering it in overspray. I asked on a...
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    Workshop Move

    So time ran out for the workshop in the dining room! The plan had been to build a timber structure in the garden, but that didn't look like it was going to work out in terms of the workshop size vs garden size negotiations, cost to build, and time to build when we have a house to renovate. So...
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    Fitted bedroom furniture

    Here are some photos of some fitted furniture I made for my neighbours. It's the first time I've done work for somebody else so it was an interesting experience taking their ideas, building on them / moderating them and turning them into a design for approval. Timber Ready for face frames...
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    Hinge fixing in MFC

    Hi All, I'm putting together some built in cupboards for our neighbours. The carcasses will be Egger MFC. What is the best way to fix the hinge mounting plates? Are the 'Expando' fixing versions better than using a chipboard screw? I've seen a fair few hinges coming away from mfc carcasses in...
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    Trimming flexistrip glazing tape

    I've just had my first attempt at glazing and have had a bit a struggle with the flexistrip butyl tape. I followed the Hodgson instructions and stuck the tape to the rebate upstands so that it overlapped the edge of the rebate by 2-3mm. The next move following pressing the DGU into place and...
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    Axminster industrial overhead saw guard

    I recently bought this to go on my Wadkin AGS 10. The local Axminster branch were very helpful in getting the trade version out for me to look at and phoning another branch to get measurements of the industrial version. It is designed to fit their 12" saw bench but will accommodate a right hand...
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    Sedgwick Customer Service

    I've just bought an old Sedgwick MB planer thicknesser - what an amazing bit of kit compared to the recurrently faulty Jet which has been returned for a refund! Anyway, I've been setting it up ready to get to work and wasn't sure about the correct height settings for the thicknesser infeed and...
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    Parting bead groove - how thick is paint?

    Hi all, I'm currently working on a replacement sliding sash window for our kitchen: it's put back the kitchen install I was planning but it makes sense to sort this first as it will be behind the new units and is in a right old state. I'm pretty much sorted with the design, what with diagrams...
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    Setting butt hinges into beaded face frame

    Hello, I'm going to be building our kitchen soon. The plan is for birch ply cabinets with painted hardwood (sycamore) beaded face frames and frame and panel doors with an ovolo moulding on the rails and stiles. I'm thinking about using butt hinges rather than soft-close euro hinges, and...
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    Replacement chip extractor impeller - help please!

    I recently acquired a Kity 694/695 chip extractor to connect to my planer-thicknesser. Unfortunately I was using the extractor to clean up the floor and the workbench when Bang! one of my wooden bench dogs flew up the tube and shattered the impeller. Unfortunately I'd removed the bars guarding...
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    Split top saw bench - modified design

    I first wanted to make a saw bench when I read the chapter on them at the end of the Schwarz workbench design book. I thought that the splayed legs didn't look ideal, so started thinking about a split top. A bit of web-surfing lead me to the design published online by the Billy's Little Bench...
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    Scary Sharp 1950's Style

    So I may be new to posting around here and realise that sharpening threads can get pretty horrific :P but I thought that people might be interested to take a look at this... Here is a book which came from my mother-in-law, published in 1950: It's a series of projects to get boys (not girls...
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    Ash Coffee Table WIP

    I'm currently making a coffee table while loosely following the Paul Sellers / Woodworkingmasterclasses video series. You can see a sketch of the finished table here http://woodworkingmasterclasses.com/2013/02/coffee-table-project-info/. I'm not totally in love with the design but am following...
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    Toothed low angle jack plane

    As mentioned in a previous post I am finding my way into woodworking, and currently prepare all my boards by hand. A few months ago I went to the Lie Nielsen demo at G&S Timber near Penrith. I was keen to try out a scrub plane to ease the pain of thicknessing by hand. Deneb from LN had a...
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    My journey into (hand tool) woodworking

    Hi everyone, I ‘ve been ‘lurking’ around here for the last couple of years, and now it is time for my first post, which is a long one! It’s been a long and interesting journey into predominantly hand-tool woodworking, complicated by the vast array of sometimes conflicting information and...