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  1. J

    New kitchen

    Installing a new kitchen at my house.
  2. J

    Kitchen cabinets.

    Working on a kitchen currently. 28.5 mil Maple doors/drawers, mdf panels.
  3. J

    Casolin f90 spindle moulder?

    Anyone have any experience with one? They are exceedingly rare in the US so finding anyone who had something to say (good, bad or indifferent) is difficult. It seems similarly built to a scmi t130?
  4. J

    Notching machine (cock bead, jack mitre)

    This was a quick jig that turned into a machine. I threw it together for notching beaded cabinet face frames. Its not as quiet as a morso, but was relatively inexpensive. I had less than $100 US in the parts (not counting the router and bit) https://youtu.be/jjV2hB7MpH8...
  5. J

    French casement meeting stiles?

    Would anyone be able to share a link to a section drawing (or post a image of) for the meeting stiles of a "traditional" French casement outswing window using double glazing and modern seals? Single casement or center mullion are easy enough to figure out but I'm having a harder time locating...