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    Drill bits

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    I buy local and if I cant get a Uk made item I do without And you guys who give your bank details to foriegn companys must be of your nuts. Use paypal folks.
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    BBC Scaremongering again

    You would trust the BBC after the bias that the BBC sprouted about Brexit . This is the same company that put people in jail for not having money to pay for a licence . Sky broadcast BBC we pay Sky why does bbc claim from Sky .They are a looney left dsrputal company whos news reports should be...
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    S.A.D hitting me early this year

    Hi thier I suffer the same with the same problem does the vitamins come in a multi vitamin bottle where would I purchase them? Thanks for the help
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    Thicknesser or Planer - Thicknesser

    why sell the Metabo are they rubbish as I was looking at the planer thicknesser but dont want to repair it as soon as I get it
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    Bosch gmc 12 glide mitre saw problem

    Bought the thing second hand looked new and was very clean when delivered I have bought a new freud blade as they are my favorite blades and will be here tomorow will let you know when it arives and is fitted Thanks
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    Bosch gmc 12 glide mitre saw problem

    Yes mate the sound develops low and gets louder and louder till its very painfull to the ears like its gonna blow captain kind of thing
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    Bosch gmc 12 glide mitre saw problem

    I recently bought a Bosch glide mitre saw and when on a few minutes as the motor speeds up to full speed I get a loud sound from it its a perfect tone that hurts the ears any one know if its a bearing noise ? I removed the blade to which the sound was gone can the blade make such a sound if it...
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    Router tables - cast iron or MDF & resin?

    Hello thier just wondering where you got the sliding table for longer peices of wood it looks perfect for my needs
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    More price increases

    Whats a tom?
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    Any idea what this is ?

    Fitting Horse shoes or getting money out my wifes purse
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Your making this up no workshop is that kleen you Fibber you
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    Domino Jointers Are they really worth it, or just a gimic

    China can usualy make copys of new tools within a day
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    Chisel gets dull whilst working up through the grits

    Why not buy a TREND FTS/F4T Fast Track Sharpener ?You get a good deal at d+m tools I have always been rubbish at sharpening My workshops full of Jigs Waterstone the lot and I always get the same results as you so I bought one of these Man they really do work and my chissels are great Ive been...
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    Am I the only person depressed by the number of comments with gender or racial stereotypes in them?

    Look like to me that the chap who started this thread doesnt seem to realise that its a joke its Not called a maliciouse intent to offend its a JOKE are we to be bored to death everywhere we go by Woke morons? Such idiotsseem to be everywhere dont they understand that Really the majority of the...
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    Very sad news

    I want his lathe
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    Sold Coronet Major Lathe

    Do you still have it and where are you?
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    Sharpening chisels for a complete novice

    have none of you tried the Trend sharpening system ? I bought one for my birthday straight from the box I loved it but when I tried to use it the magnets that hold on the diamond stone fell out I was offered a replacement but Id already cleaned out the holes and bonded them back in with a metal...