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    Wanted Magswitch magnets

    Magswitch magnets wanted/ feather boards/ other Magwitch accessories
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    Memory foam

    I am not sure where to post this so I will try here, I bought a cheap 3 seater settee for the backroom about six months ago for £450, it has 2 cushions filled with memory foam, the size of each cushion is 700 x 700 x 150 but after sitting on it for about 1/2 hour there is a deep hollow in the...
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    Getting rid of sawdust

    How do you all get rid of the sawdust and shavings from your dust extractors, I used to bag it and put it in the dustbin, but the binmen will not take it anymore, or take wood, I have been burning my offcuts at the bottom of the garden in a fire bin, but the sawdust and shavings seem to put the...
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    For Sale Record DX1000 Fine Filter 45 Litre Extractor

    DX1000 Fine Filter 45 Litre Extractor for sale as I no longer need it, I got a chip collector instead, it has had very little use and is in excellent as new condition and working order, collection only from Catford London SE6 Price £80...
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    Jet 16-32 Drum sander

    I have the Jet 16-32 Drum sander and am mostly pleased with it, it is a well-built machine, the only letdown is the dreadful clips that hold the sandpaper rolls, they are a pain in the buttocks, it would be much better to have the sandpaper fixed with some sort of screw, that when tightened would...
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    For Sale WITHDRAWN Record 778 rebate plane

    Record rebate plane 778 in good condition, no guide fence but you can get one online if needed , £40 with free postage
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    For Sale WITHDRAWN DeWalt Nail Gun DC618

    DeWalt Nail Gun DC618, in very good condition, has not been used very much which is why I am selling it 2 batteries 2.0ah, charger and case, some mixed nails, it can be collected from London SE6 or I can post by Parcelforce next day for £12 Price £188
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    Sold Record Power 10" bandsaw BS250

    SOLD Record Power bandsaw BS250, in excellent as new condition, with1 new spare blade collect from Catford London SE6 price £190 full spec here BS250 10" Bandsaw
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    Sold Record Power bench drill DP58B

    Heavy duty bench drill DP58B with 30" column and 5/8" chuck, also drill press vice (not shown in pictures) good condition, collect only from Catford London SE6 Price £260 full spec here DP58B Heavy Duty Bench Drill with 30" Column and 5/8" Chuck
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    For Sale Bosch GTS 10 XC 254MM Blade Table Saw

    SOLD I am selling my Bosch table saw, as I am getting a bigger cast iron saw, it is in great condition as it has only had light hobby workshop use, it has a sliding table mitre gauge, the full spec can be found here...
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    Scheppach Precisa 3

    Hi, has anyone on here got the Scheppach Precisa 3 table saw, I am looking for reviews on this saw but can't find any, I am also trying to find out how it is delivered, is it in several boxes, to be assembled by the buyer, as I have to get it through the house, any information on this saw would...
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    Record TS250C Tablesaw

    I am looking for a small-sized table saw with a cast iron top, and all the saws I have looked at, Sip, iTech, Axminster are 3HP, but none in stock for at least 6 weeks, and some a lot longer, the only one I could find in stock is the Record TS250 which seems to be about the size I want and have...
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    3 seater sofa

    Has anyone on here made their own sofa, either with Pine or Oak frame, it is the upholstery I want to know about, and the springs or webbing, I would not mind getting some foam upholstered for the seat and back
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    Record Power dust extractor

    Has anyone else had trouble with Record Power dust extractors, I have had a CamVac GV386 since July last year and one motor has packed up last week, Record Power is sending me a new motor, that is fine, but this is the second Record dust extractor that this has happened to, the other was a...
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    Mitre corners

    I have been asked by a friend to make some raised beds from new wooden sleepers, he wants four made, four sleepers high, the sleepers are 8 x 4 inches, he wants the corners mitred, what is the best way to cut the mitre's, I have tried once before with a circular saw but it does not cut right...
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    For Sale Record rebate plane

    Record rebate plane 778, in used condition £40 + £5 Postage
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    For Sale Robert Sorby heavy duty scraper

    Robert Sorby heavy duty scraper, 1-inch wide x 1/2 inch thick bar, 14-inch, handle 21 inches overall length in excellent condition £30+£5 postage
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    For Sale Henry Taylor Scraper

    Henry Taylor round nose scraper 10 inch handle 17 inch overall 1/4 inch bar in excellent condition £25+£5 postage
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    For Sale Axminster cyclone interceptor

    (Now sold) I have no room for this now, it is nearly new as I have not had it long, it would have to be collected from Catford London SE6 only £60 Axminster Craft ACCIH Cyclone Interceptor Head it is collect only, I do not have a box to post it in, and I can't go out looking for one, sorry
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    Henry Taylor scraper

    Henry Taylor round nose scraper 17 inch 10-inch handle 1/4 inch thick bar £30 + £8 postage WITHDRAWN