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    Any toolboard recommendations please?

    I have a nice 120cm x 90cm space on the wall in my garage that, one day, would be a toolboard. Todays the day.... only three years late, so that makes it two years early on the missus's calender :) I was looking for recommendations of toolboards, looking round there seems to be a vast quantity...
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    Modular toolbox/toolchest

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody had any recommendations regarding modular toolchests/tol boxes? I don't need it to go out of the garage, so it doesn't need to be on a trolly or go into a van. I also don't want to spend Snap-on prices :) The key thing is having drawers not lids. I've seen this...
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    Decent tap and die set recomendations...

    Hi, I'm just returning a Silverline tap and die set to Amazon. All I wanted to do is put an 3 x M4 thread into plastic. The Silverline M4 crossbar and thread set couldn't even stay together long enough for one thread. It fell apart in my hands. Junk, so its going back. I do need a decent, but...
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    Are expensive tenon saws worth it?

    Hi, This is my first post. I have lurked for a while and seen some 'interesting' threads as well as some very informative ones. I will keep away from the 'interesting' ones for a while :) Anyway, I'm getting more involved in woodworking as I've moved from London to North Yorkshire and have the...