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    Not what you want to see!

    Yes I thought Sycamore might be a possibility too but got to the overthinking stage of older tree bark is more scale-y. As younger (relatively) trees have smoother bark Sycamore might be more likely?
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    Not what you want to see!

    Looking at the bark (only a thin strip so this is purely guesswork), I think: Not Oak Possibly wild cherry but cherry bark is often more orange or brighter Maybe worth throwing Mountain Ash/Roman into the mix if it’s been growing in the UK None of these thoughts are from woodworking experience...
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    Unknown knob

    I think it might be the Cotswold mushroom knob from Armac Martin https://www.armacmartin.co.uk/products/cotswold-mushroom-knob Available in different sizes/finishes so you might get close even if it’s not the same. I’ve used them before and was really pleased with the products and their service
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    Anyone with big machinery here, willing to help??

    Have you been to the pub?!! 🤔😉 I think my mate will be putting down a deposit on one
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    Hello everyone

    Thanks. I just hope mine turns out as good!
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    Hello everyone

    Thank you. Oh dear what have I signed up to 😂
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    Hello everyone

    Thank you. I’m expecting this to be a long one…. But hoping to be ready for spring. Other than for the base I haven’t sourced materials yet. It will be approx 8’ x 6’ in a traditional apex design. I want it to be a feature as well as functional and for it to last for years. It will be painted...
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    Hello everyone

    Please be patient I’ll no doubt have to fit it in between other jobs that I don’t yet know about! 😂. Materials for the base arrived yesterday though. I will post once there’s something worth seeing. Thank you
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    Hello everyone

    Hello, I signed up a few weeks ago and have posted replies a couple of times so I thought I should say hello. I’m Iain and the “DIYDad” thing is the name my daughters gave me when in primary school. It still crops up (more than occasionally!) now when they want a desk or wardrobe making 🤔😀 I’ve...
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    Axminster price increases

    I have never thought of Axminster as the cheapest, looking at branded items and comparing tells me that but they do offer physical stores, knowledge and service as well as a comprehensive range. I use them for some things not others. Last August (2020) I was looking at purchasing their Craft...
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    The realities of tool ownership...

    Interesting concept but I’m not sure I’d want to hire out my tools every weekend. You can guarantee the tool you need would be on hire! It’s not cheap either £7 a day for a £35 Bosch tool! ……although….any takers to hire a Domino for £200 for a day anyone?
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    Paint Sprayer for Fence

    A couple of years ago I was without a compressor and bought this to spray a bedroom wardrobe (impatient daughter 🙄) and in all honesty was really impressed with the results. For 29.99 next day from Amazon you can’t go wrong! It might be £5 dearer now though...I’m sure it would do the fence with...