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  1. J

    Can I leave a book review Chris Tribe's Complete Woodworking

    Hi folks, long time since I posted but I do visit and check up on whats going on. I still haven't finished my Roubo but I am further down the road than I was but I haven't posted any pictures. Not much time left when an 18month old is running round. Anyway, my wife ordered me Chris Tribes book...
  2. J


    I am a rather lucky woodworker, package from Dieter Schmid fine tools arrived this morning. Not sure if anyone wants a WIP but if there is enough interest then I will do a build commentary. J
  3. J

    Table Saw Dilemma - Xcaliber or TSCE 12R

    Hi Chaps, I have been messing about with wood for a few years now and finally decided to start building my skill set. I started attending some of Chris Tribe's excellent courses at his workshop in Ilkley. I need to upgrade my tablesaw from my Scheppach Ts2000 that has served me well but just...