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    Energy may go even higher

    Maslows hierarchy of needs. You can’t expect people to be productive at work when they’re worrying that work won’t pay enough to keep them warm at home even if they’re on the cheapest tariffs. I make an okay amount, nothing impressive but enough that I shouldn’t be worrying about energy bills...
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    Filling (then building on) a pond.

    Pond filling is underway. Didn’t realise it was so long ago I’d posted about this. MOT 1 delivery delayed over Christmas so arriving this week. I’m clearing the area around the pond on my lunch breaks this week and aside from the soil that originally filled the pond the surrounding area is blue...
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    Britain's Best Woodworker

    I watched it. I felt like the level of the woodworkers was such that it would inspire the average Joe to get stuck in, rather than getting the big name YouTubers and Instagram names on so I didn't really have an issue with that. They most likely also needed people with a decent grasp of skills...
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    S.A.D hitting me early this year

    I get the depression symptoms in winter and the rain and damp stresses me out, having lived in a number of houses with varying levels of water tightness. I also find that heating the house just contributes to money worries more than anything. That said we've not had the heating on since February...
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    Filling (then building on) a pond.

    Paving slabs might be the way. Our seller laid his own patio by the house which we'll be tearing up once the weather warms up and possibly putting some decking in so reusing those is looking like a good idea. I'm sure this board will be full of photos of me bodging my workshop once I get started...
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    Filling (then building on) a pond.

    It's watertight as far as I am aware but I'll find out on Friday. The workshop will probably be log cabin style unless can get a deal on a nicer garden workshop. Thinking of buying a prefab one and insulating it myself but I haven't priced materials up yet. Not above building it myself if I can...
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    Filling (then building on) a pond.

    Hi all. Our new house has a small, fairly shallow pond at the bottom of the garden. The previous owner seems to have put it in themselves - it's definitely not a pro job. He will be taking his fish with him, and I want to fill it in at the earliest opportunity because I don't want to take care...
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    House Buying - Advice?

    Thanks for the advice everyone. That's right. I should have been more clear. We were renting previously and offered to move in to an empty property owned by one of my parents a few years ago. The logic being that I'll eventually get at least some of those rent payments back at some point down...
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    House Buying - Advice?

    Hi. We're currently house hunting (a big change from when I was making posts on here panicking about being unemployed and skint a few years ago) and we have put offers in on a few places but haven't managed to secure anything. Prices have shot up during COVID and while we're looking at places...
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    Are any pre-made workshops worth the money?

    Hi. We've been trying to buy a house for about 7 months now. Looks like we're going to have to do a bit of work (and spend a bit of money) to get the property we want. I'd like to do the work I can handle, like kitchen fitting and made to measure shelving etc, myself and I'd like a space to do...
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    Workbench Design

    Is there any reason why most woodworkers benches are open underneath? Asking as I'm planning for a workshop build next year and don't want to waste valuable storage space.
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    Escape excuses

    Mental wellbeing. You need a creative outlet when the rest of life is often intent on driving you down. I don't think you can be blamed for that especially this year. It also helps if you can make the house look like it's kitted out from the expensive end of John Lewis at Matalan prices while...
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    Oven Heater Element

    Got in earlier, switched on the oven, kettle, washing machine etc all around the same time and a few minutes later a fuse went. Flipped it back on, everything seems to be working fine until I realised my lunch was still lukewarm in the oven 20 minutes later. Fan is spinning fine, grill element...
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    Retraining at a (slightly) older age.

    Thanks again for all the great replies. I remember a time on here where it would descend in to bickering fairly quickly.
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    Retraining at a (slightly) older age.

    Thanks for all the measured replies guys. I've had a bit of a think about it. I'm incredibly unfulfilled in my work but like some of you said, I work from home due to the pandemic, I can be flexible with when I start and finish and I get a bit more time during the day to potter while I'm not...
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    Smart tv

    I'd be tempted to go for John Lewis if not solely because they've always had fantastic customer service, good products and they seem to be in a bit of trouble in recent years so could use the help. I've had nothing but issues with Argos and Curry's etc. I'd also be tempted by Costco who seem to...
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    Retraining at a (slightly) older age.

    Bumping the thread since I finally got it to post (if we're allowed to do that). Also happy to open it up to discussion on trades vs office jobs and the education required.
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    Retraining at a (slightly) older age.

    Evening everyone. I tried to type something lengthy but my phone isn't having it so I'll try to keep it brief. Realistically what are my options for retraining in a trade in my early 30s? I'm currently a Civil Servant and while the pay and pension are fine (but far from the massive...
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    Repointing Brick Wall.

    Both. Neither did anything.
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    Repointing Brick Wall.

    Seems to be sandy. Doesn't do anything if I stick it in vinegar. It's grey on top but if I scratch some away it's a sandy colour. I actually just went out to remove some mortar to do this and the mortar right under the window, exactly where the damp is worst, is crumbly and soaked. Similarly...