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    Multico planer

    Multico planer 3 phase motor (but at this price you could swap for a 240v and still have a bargain) Tenoning attachment Bit rusty but does the job Spare knives Multico machines are beautifully made bits of kit, like scaled down industrial, great engineering and build. Just need the space in my...
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    Free Sheet Materials

    Free Sheets, please see below. Ideally a donation to Cancer Research UK in exchange would be great. More to follow if there is any interest. If you need a couple of cuts doing to get stuff into a vehicle we can do that. (I won't be cutting it into cabinets for you sorry) 3 Oak MFC 690x2000 1...
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    Welsh Charity Meet

    After Morfa's suggestion to me on another post, I have started this as a new thread. This meeting has developed from people wanting to meet up but without a place to go. I can give a tour around my workshop for anyone interested, but the main idea is to meet up with fellow woodworkers and sell...
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    Free Triton Work Centre

    I've got a triton work centre thing that I want rid of, it has the thing for the saw and for a router to be attached. Does not come with the tools themselves. I think 99% of it is there, the important stuff is. I haven't used it in a few years so some rust spots. Closing date for interested...
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    Metal bar with flat

    Hi there I've recently bought a machine which I could do with sorting out a couple of bits for. One of the things is a bar with a flat on it like The rod is something like 5/8" diameter. Is this an off the shelf item? If so what would this be called? Does anyone know of a firm near...
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    Danckaerts CM 19 Chain and Chisel

    For some reason the other day I went on a website that I rarely go on nowadays, searching for the usual stuff, you know Wadkin, Bandsaw, Router etc etc, Morticer.... Dear God what is this? This has to be mine, my life will not be complete until that thing is sitting like an angry stout tank...
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    Anyone fancy shifting 3 1/2 tons of timber for me?

    The second part of a sale was on today as some of you may or may not know, I think posts about it have been on and off here. Anyway my painkillers kicked in and I ended up buying about 4.5m3 of various timbers. So if anyone knows of someone or is someone who can shift this for me please let me...
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    Goodbye Wadkin or the 600kg jigsaw

    I offered a free Wadkin saw a while ago on here and there was one interested party. That would be Wallace, best person for the job. I'm never going to do it myself so it's just in the way. Myself and Berncarpenter manhandled the majority of it onto a pallet and bolted it down. If this starts to...
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    What biscuits should i buy?

    I need to buy some new biscuits for woodworking. What do people recommend? On Axminster are Lamello really 50% better than Leo? Custard Creams, penguins, ginger nuts, etc etc are not acceptable answers. Nathan
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    Free Wadkin

    Still trying to have a workshop clearout, I need to get rid of a Wadkin CC which should look like this But is midway through a restoration and is in pieces. I'm never going to get around to doing it and I have 3 other RAS anyway. If you fancy having a go at a bit of wadkin restoration...
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    FREE Sedgwick table saw

    I need to get this out of my workshop. I had this table saw in amongst a load of other tools when I won an auction of a joinery workshop. Fired it up once, but never needed to use it properly. The previous owner has replaced the motor at some point, but looks like he had help from Mr. Angle...
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    Grease Nipple

    On my multibore machine I have a grease nipple that looks like this (the flat hexagon bit) What gun nozzle do I need for this? the bit that sticks up has grease residue in it, and also has small holes for some reason. Can anyone shed any light on what this is? And once I get the right...
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    Woodmex Show

    Anybody else going to the W14? http://www.w14exhibition.com/ I was planning on going up for 2 days as I always have to run around shows by the time I have driven there? Any recommendations for somewhere to stay close-ish? Nathan
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    What Bernie, Nev, Finch and Nathan did last week

    Apart from trimming my thumbnail with the radial arm saw we did do this piece. It's for a lotions and potions shop in Londinium. All done apart from some bits and bobs, glass and oiling. Thanks for the help gents Nathan
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    Car boot stuff

    After several useless trips out to car boot sales I thought i'd give it one more go on Sunday, to see if I could find the kind of stuff you guys seem to pick up. It was busy with plenty of stalls. At the best one (price wise) I dug through loads of plastic boxes and eventually came away with...
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    Copying Doctor Bob Updated

    After successfully using Bob's method to make two lots of shaker style doors, I thought I would have a go at cutting open my thumb like his. Liking originality I didn't want to do an exact copy. Setting up the air extraction on the radial arm saw just seconds after it had been turned off with...
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    Thanks to the Doctor and Bernie

    Had a good fortnight making a couple of jobs with shaker doors, both solid timber and mdf. Thanks to Doctor Bob for sharing his knowledge on his workshop open day. And thanks to Bernie for coming and giving me a hand this week. ( With a free sharpening lesson. Not going to say which...
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    Workshop Storage Cabinet

    Being the messiest worker in the world, I need as much help as I can get to stay a bit tidier, so this is one of many storage units I have made in the workshop. I needed to store spindle tooling, mortice chisels, drill bits and router cutters. And I can store my 4 routers in the top. Any edges...
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    Painters in Wales

    Does anyone know of furniture painters in Wales, both Spray finish paint, lacquer and hand painted (not necessarily all the same person). Not for any immediate jobs, but just gathering details for future projects. Searching google is no good in this instance for some reason. Thanks in advance...
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    Bench vice on the right?

    I am making a workbench for my dad. When I made my own one I put the vice on the right hand side, which suits me even though I am right handed. In my mind it just seems right (no pun intended) Before I put in the vice for my father what is the advantage of having it on the left? Thanks in...