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  1. Boxer

    Best way to install ducting for a cooker hood?

    I'm fitting a new cooker hood with a 150mm duct outlet. I want the fumes to be vented outside the house and there is an available 100mm vent in the wall about 4 metres away via the loft space. My question is about the best way of reducing the size of the ducting between the cooker hood and the...
  2. Boxer

    Anyone else here a fan of Robin Clevett ?

    I've been watching this guy's videos for a while and I'm surprised that I've never seen him mentioned in this forum. After a searching on UKW I cant find a single reference to him, so I thought some of you here might appreciate his You Tube channel. Admittedly his focus is on site-work instead...
  3. Boxer

    Bosch Workbench Build

    Hi there Well, here's another workbench build and is actually my first bit of half serious woodwork. Having finally moved to somewhere that allows me a little workspace, my first priority was a workbench. I was torn between buying one or making one, and in the end decided that as I need to do a...
  4. Boxer

    Heirachy of tool companies

    Hi there I am still getting my head around which would be the best tools to invest in within my budget and this has started me wondering how the different tool manufacturers stack up against each other in terms of quality of product........ For example Dewalt is probably better quality than...
  5. Boxer

    Kinetic Sculptures / Windwalkers

    I heard about these on an episode of QI and thought they sounded interesting. Bloody Hell ! :shock: ! Hats off to this Dutch guy because his design skills are truly awesome. http://www.wimp.com/kineticsculpture/
  6. Boxer

    Can I use general PVA for laminating mdf and ply together ?

    Hi there I am gradually working my way through my first project .... a workbench build Starting to think about the bench top now. What I am considering is laminating sheets of mdf and ply together..... specifically two sheets of 18mm mdf with a sheet of 18mm ply in between them. My reasoning...
  7. Boxer

    Surform .... useful or not?

    I have just rediscovered a Stanley surform at the bottom of an old box. Not totally sure what this gets used for and having done a search on this forum I was surprised it didn't have a single entry :shock: Does anyone use one of these little tools and what for ? Cheers Chris
  8. Boxer

    Stupid question about positioning a vice

    OK .... definitely a newbie question here. I have started building a bench and something is puzzling me. On all the woodwork bench designs the vice is positioned next to the left hand leg. However to my way of thinking it would make as much sense to have the vice over the right end leg so that...
  9. Boxer

    Thoughts on a bathroom window sill

    Hi there I’m just about to embark on a bathroom overhaul – complete tiling throughout, new floor, new suite, new cabinets etc. As part of this I am planning to replace a ratty old window-sill with a decent bit of hardwood. The dimensions of the sill are approx 5’ long by 1’ wide by 1” to 2”...
  10. Boxer

    Wooden Straightedge ?!?

    I am currently reading and enjoying "The New Traditional Woodworker" where Jim Tolpin encourages woodworkers to construct their own marking out tools. Having a bit of a bench engineering background I am probably a bit too hung up on fine tolerances so the idea of making prime reference tools...
  11. Boxer

    Where do I get "float glass" and do I actually need it?

    Hi there More newbie questions. I've just been watching some of the youtube "Scary Sharp" videos for info on tool sharpening. They recommend that you use float glass as a bed but I can't find a supplier. So would any thick glass do the trick? And what about other alternatives such as marble...
  12. Boxer

    Advice needed on tool selection for a new hobby workshop

    Hi everyone. I am glad to say that after many years I have moved to a house where I can set up a small workshop and finally get round to fulfilling an ambition of doing some hobby cabinet making (ie chests of drawers, sideboards, entertainment units, boxes etc). I have a few years experience...