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    Small Modern Shed Build

    I never use "smooth shaft" gun nails, but regularly regret it. That's how I know how difficult it is to pull out a gun fired ring shank nail! 90mm one are the most fun.
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    Which brand of air nailer?

    I can echo one of the complaints above about a Senco - my 18g lasted about a year. For a pin nailer my favourite is the Grex, but it is pricey. I have an old Axminster branded one somewhere, but don't use it as it has no lockout to stop it firing empty. In my site box 22g pin, 18g and stapler...
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    Mini track saw

    The Bosch 12v saw will work with the Bosch rail. I have one and use it regularly for flooring jobs. I think for its size it is excellent, but have never tried it with the rail. I had the Worx version but gave it away.
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    Removing 1mm?

    Just a thought. As it sounds like you are in a production setting - have you tried vacuum clamps - best investment I ever made for edge banding?
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    Making beaded face frames

    This is probably heresy, but I had to make some beaded oak doors as in Johnnyb's photos and cut everything at 45 degrees and assembled with dominos - it was quick and easy and the client was happy. I couldn't decide whether it looked shocking or not.
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    Is a double bevel mitre saw worth the extra

    I know this does not answer your question, but if IIRC the Evolution saws run a little bit slower than most others. I believe it is to help them cut metal as well as wood? It may not be an issue, but I have found that even with a really good blade, the 255 won't give me the same finish as (for...
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    Stud wall

    Heresy probably on a woodworking forum, but I try to never use 4 x 2 studs if it can be avoided. I find the difference in dimensions too frustrating. I use 50mm or 70mm C stud. It won't shrink or warp and is always the same dimension. Since I can't plaster, I then tape and skim (or sparkle as...
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    Which "Stanley" knife? Recommendations please.

    Of the many I have tried, I keep coming back to this. i like the extra blade storage and find the screwdriver extremely useful. I am afraid i don't sharpen the blades, can sometimes get through 3 or 4 a day. https://www.irwin.com/tools/utility-knives-blades/irwin-fk250-folding-utility-knife
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    Firm Fixings in a Plasterboard Wall?

    As has been suggested above, I usually back the plasterboard with a piece of ply. I just cut out a decent sized, convenient square between studs, then insert a piece of ply bigger than the hole, held in place with a couple of drywall screws. Then screw the piece of plasterboard onto the ply...
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    Wrist watch recommendations

    I have the same. It is stainless steel and plastic and the face is plastic - the more expensive ones have a better face and are all metal (SS or titanium). It's the same technology as the G shock but looks more like a real watch as it has hands and a metal strap. It costs less than a full...
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    Mitre Saw

    Just a (probably irrelevant) comment, but I seem to remember that Evolution mitre saws run quite a bit slower than others? Is the slower speed a disadvantage? I think they also have an American/Imperial arbor size - does that limit blade availability? I have a small evolution slider for lugging...
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    Plywood for tool wall

    I have made many French cleats out of MDF, but only for ones that will not be "used" other than for the initial hanging - eg a mirror or a picture, but it might stand up to regular use, cuts well and is cheap. I use a steel pegboard wall with different types of metal hangers for spanners...
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    Floor colour

    McLaren went for white :)
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    River bank edging - Which timber?

    This is not really a reply to your question so apologies, but over here the "river police" won't allow anything much to be installed on the river banks - doesn't stop people using concrete posts and railway sleepers - but many years ago when I was trying to keep them happy we drove in posts and...
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    Chestnut floor

    OK guys - any other suggestions as I can't source Fiddes over here. I have used Osmo stuff in the past??
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    Chestnut floor

    Thanks. I like the idea of the whiteish version. I wonder if it would make it across the Channel?:)
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    Chestnut floor

    I am just finishing fitting a chestnut floor for a friend. He's had the wood in stock for about 10 years and it's a bit scruffy, but seems to sand up O.K. He has asked me to recommend a finish. He likes the light natural colour of the wood. The picture shows a future bedroom, but it will...
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    You guys must be heavy drinkers...

    If you have nothing better to do, this is an interesting read: https://www.technologyreview.com/2000/09/01/236187/who-really-invented-television/
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    Starting out with rough sawn

    I am fairly sure I used to get my swedish steel bandsaw blades resharpened - but they are for a very big professional bandsaw and are over an inch wide. I ended up mainly ripping planks with a Festool TS75 tracksaw, as pushing 3 or 4 metre long boards through the bandsaw was always a bit...
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    Felt stickers for cabinet door magnets

    I have found that some self adhesive felt pads mentioned above can be too thick to allow the magnetic catch to operate properly. You can get all sorts of self adhesive felt, but I suggest you try to make sure it is as thin as possible. (I have a large supply of paper backed wood veneer that is...