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    Some people can be very cruel

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RECORD-No-3-C ... 4ac7566703
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    Motor help please

    New motor arrived today. another 45 mins and back up and running, finished the lengths of t&g i was making on it as a check...all good :-)
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    New van

    have a look at these guys...bought a movanno off them a few weeks back http://www.motorite.co.uk/ it was the high roof extra long one WITH CREW CAB (which are as rare as hens teeth it seems) Ex military (actually ex RAF). was an "incident support unit fire and rescue"...dont recon it ever left...
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    Motor help please

    another update...old motor out, awaiting delivery of new motor. removing the old motor was quite simple, I must admit I expected a day long wrestling match, but no, wind the carriage down to its lowest limit, undo 2 bolts and disconnect wireing (having taken notes of where the wires went) lift...
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    Motor help please

    Quick update, having managed to move the beast away from the wall it sits against, I removed the back panel to check on the capacitor "size" and found that in fact, it wasnt the cap at all, further tests with the trusty ohm meter proved it is a short to ground in the motor somewhere. Got back to...
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    But, one supposes it would be difficult if one were liberal and impossible if you were labour??????.. ok ok I know....hat coat >>>>>>>>door
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    Motor help please

    Well folks, Axi have once again lived up to their super reputation for customer care, having explained that although just out of warranty, the machine has so far only had about 50hrs max run time. then having explained what i had found viz the resistance readings, the very helpful chap in the...
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    Motor help please

    I have an axminster ws10 something spindlemoulder, would you believe 2mth over the year old, and Its got a problem with the motor. its tripping th earth leakage trips. Now a bit of investigation revealed a shorted brown (phase) wire to earth, due to the fact it went through a hole in the...
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    Adding sockets to ring circuit - advice needed

    The next person to use the circuit :twisted: :lol: :shock:
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    Adding sockets to ring circuit - advice needed

    for the latest on where you stand on this see HERE http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/upload ... P_2013.pdf
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    Oak and metals

    brass or copper nails will be ok.
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    The gremlin

    The Gremlin by Rollo, senior bench dog My dad's workshop has a gremlin Living deep within it It hides his tools of smaller kinds My Dad, he says, he'll skin it. My dad he says this gremlin is short and green and hairy it makes him cross when it hides his things Just like a naughty fairy...
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    EU Timber and Timber Products Regulations March 2013

    Oh do stop panicking, unless you are a "trader" in timber..i.e you are buying and selling TIMBER to other TRADERS then all you need to do is keep a record of whom you bought your timber from (hint ...receipts) and..if you are selling your products on as I do to (say) a garden center...then a...
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    Cutting coolant

    so is wee :shock: ................just.........................dont ask #-o
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    Inside to outside table

    advice........dont bother..no matter what you do its beech..and as such will go all shapes in pretty quick time.
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    Two unanswered questions for a dull afternoon.

    okaaayy now lets be sure we are talking the same "bevel here" assumption.....we are NOT talking about the sharp bit at the very end if that is so, surely when sharpening, the longer bevel will never touch the stone????? <<<shrugs>>>> if we are talking about the short sharp bit, having a curve...
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    Two unanswered questions for a dull afternoon.

    personally i recon conVEX bevels are "so last year" what about conCAVE bevels as produced fresh off the grindstone. :oops: seriously, unless too severe, is it a problem? I cant see as the shape of the bevel(or how you achieve it) matters one bit...at the end of the day ...does it cut wood...
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    A home brew finish

    you can brush it on ..its quite mobile so goes in quite well, or rub it on with a lint free cloth.
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    A home brew finish

    take some rapeseed oil about £3 for 3 litres from asda (actually called vegetable oil....READ THE LABLE ) add 15% white spirit and as much beeswax as will dissolve.....which wont be much I can tell you I add enough beeswax so as to leave some still undisssolved in the bottom of the container...
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    where's my drill?

    no such thing as a wire tangling gremlin...the wire's being sexy little devils, start mating like viagra fueled snakes the min you turn your back....the resulatant "spaghetti ball" is the inevitable result