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    Lots of chisels; what are they for and how do I sharpen them?

    Having restored my father-in-law’s old tool chest, I’m now checking out the chisels that were in it. There’s quite a range, including 5 Stormont crank gouges and a couple of Marples (and a very fine Marples straight gouge) chisels from Woodcock, Wallins, Ward, and Marples, an Addis swan neck and...
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    MouseyThompson cheeseboard; repair possibl?

    I’ve picked this broken cheeseboard while clearing Dad’s old house. It’s been repaired twice, the second time with a splice and lots of ?araldite. I don’t want to throw it away, it was such a lovely piece, but I’m not sure how I can make a presentable joint with a third repair. Any ideas?
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    Restoring an old tool chest

    Newbie alert; I just retired and took up woodworking. My first solo project is the restoration of my late father-in-law’s tool chest. He was an engineer’s pattern maker for a printing works, the chest is probably his apprentice piece from the 1950s (although some of the tools were older as they...