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    Chestnut floor

    I am just finishing fitting a chestnut floor for a friend. He's had the wood in stock for about 10 years and it's a bit scruffy, but seems to sand up O.K. He has asked me to recommend a finish. He likes the light natural colour of the wood. The picture shows a future bedroom, but it will...
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    Replacing a floor

    I've got to replace a floor that's been eaten by woodworm. It is in the local lawyer's office and the secretary's chair just made a hole in the floor. I've just got back from patching it. The current floor is pine t+g nailed to joists which are sitting on the ground. If I replace the joists...
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    Removing an oak floor

    I've got to try to lift and then relay about 500 square feet of oak tongue and groove flooring laid in a herringbone pattern. Seems to be nailed into the joists at either end of each piece. I'm hoping to save most of the boards but could manufacture some replacement pieces. A colleague has...
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    Multico PM22T Mortiser

    I need to buy a hollow chisel mortiser to build some barn doors for a client. I now work in France and have found that the Multico is now made over here and it seems from the info available to be a high quality machine. But it is hugely expensive and I cannot get to see one in the metal...