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    Scheppach dust extractor connection

    Thanks again for all your suggestions. I shall have to take some accurate measurements next time I see my son and check out getting one 3D printed.
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    Scheppach dust extractor connection

    Thanks for both suggestions. I hadn't thought about turning a connector, though I did consider turning a former so that i could heat up some 4" soil pipe and attempt to stretch one end to 140mm.
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    Scheppach dust extractor connection

    My son has acquired a second hand Scheppach HD 15 dust extractor and when trying to connect up discovered that it had a 140mm inlet, so couldn't connect to usual 100mm pipe. Does anyone know where to get a 104 to 100 reducer as having difficulty finding anything suitable.? Regards, Terry
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    How Boz

    Following on from Nickds1, I understood that most installations needed 3 phase electricity, so apart from the heat pump etc install you also need to consider the cost of changing your electricity supply.
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    Transporting planer thicknesser

    Can anyone advise if it is easy to remove the cast iron tables on the Axminster AT310 Planer Thicknesser to make it lighter for transport, and then how difficult it is to realign them on reassembly?
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    Kity 635 renovation help.

    Could anyone help please regarding the feed roller drive belt on this machine, which I have to replace. The manual shows this as being 710 x 6mm but the only ones I can find are either 700 or 720. Is it best to go bigger or smaller? One other point on the feed rollers. Everything I have seen...
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    Just starting - chuck problems.

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to let everyone know how things turned out, but like most of you this has been a busy time of year. Managed to remove all but four screws by different methods, then had to drill out other 4. Have since obtained a new set - what a price for 8 small screws...
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    Just starting - chuck problems.

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you all and thank you for all the suggestions. I have tried all of these now and managed to remove a few screws, so each jaw is now only held on by one screw. These I have not managed to budge and the key slots are now rounded off. I think that it will...
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    Just starting - chuck problems.

    Just starting in the world of wood turning, so didn't want to jump in with expensive new lathe, so picked up second hand Delta with a few accessories and set of chisels. Given lathe good clean up, and that seems to be OK. Included was a SuperNova chuck with a set of jaws attached, and a couple...