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    The shame of a tidy workshop

    Many years ago, my brother (without prior notice or permission!) tidied up our father's workshop. Thirty years later he was still complaining he couldn't find anything!
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    Wanted On the scrounge

    If Richard S can't help; let me know.
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    Britain's Best Woodworker

    Where's Barry Bucknell when you need him?
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    Cut string staircase, is it the work of the devil?

    Well done. Overcoming the fear of facing something out of your comfort zone (chance of screw up!), and producing something properly done, is so satisfying. (y) Now you're the expert! Thanks for posting your methodology.
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    More Wood Identification

    Many thanks for the replies. The woods are a bit strange. I have hardwood wooden windows, which were meant to be meranti (from memory) but if I scrape a piece it's pretty light like three of the planks on the bench. Not much 'mahogany' colour about it. The front piece on the bench seat is...
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    More Wood Identification

    I am attaching some photographs of a large garden bench from which a neighbour is currently stripping multiple coats of paint. Photos - Bench; Seat and Back should be self explanatory. Seat 1 - this is the plank nearest the back Seat 2 - this is the middle plank Seat 3 - this is the foremost...
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    Help with a spokeshave please

    Apologies, but I haven't managed to upload photo for above.
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    Help with a spokeshave please

    My spokeshaves, as shown, have been reduced to :- Stanley 063 (curved); can't remember how I got it, no doubt for not a lot Wooden (curved) (found in my father's workshop, very old) Preston (flat) (also found in my father's workshop) They are all good to use. I need a shim on the Stanley...
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    O-level woodwork challenge

    Many thanks AndyT - it focuses the mind and brings a smile to my face! A few years ago, after early retirement, I enrolled at a local college for the furniture restoration course (cabinet making; upholstery; finishing - City and Guilds; Levels 2 and 3). The first class in the cabinet shop was...
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    G Plan - to refinish or not?

    You will find my own experiences with a G-plan table - raised here on this Forum - in this link. Rubbing down the table top is not difficult, just take your time. Don't be too aggressive. I rubbed it down by hand using a cork block with probably 180 grit initially, and finished with 320 grit...
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    Cascamite glue

    I used some cascamite a few years ago and it was ok. However the next time I used it it didn't mix well, very granular, and the joints failed. I contacted the manufacturer (can't remember who - was there a takeover?) to be told by the lady at the end of the phone I should have used it within two...
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    Set-up for steam bending wood?

    I have done steam bending several times with different woods, typically around 25 - 35mm thick, eg for tub chairs. One thing I would recommend is a flexible metal strap for going round the back of the wood being bent as this provides constraining forces over the outer side of the wood (in...
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    Entry hall table for a niece

    Brilliant! Some people spend a fortune to go on woodworking courses that wouldn't match Derek's WIP's. Much appreciated as ever.
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    Sharpening a 20 TPI saw

    Thanks for the responses. I assume that to get the desired tooth set this is a case of 'suck it and see' and then note the anvil setting number for future reference. (I'll be on the case in the near future when certain other things are off my back, but I feel a lot better informed on how to...
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    Sharpening a 20 TPI saw

    Mastering saw sharpening has been on my agenda for a while (previous attempts not being very successful) and the above comments and particularly the Andy Lovelock video are very interesting and useful. However the subject of saw setting pliers needs addressing. There seems to be a scarcity of...
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    To (ol) well or not to (ol) well? That is the question

    I suppose I fall into the heretic class. The top of my bench is mdf (18mm or 22mm ) thick. (I also sealed it on installation.) It's nice and flat which is great when examining something on its legs eg chair; and easy to check measurements from a flat base. I do not worry if I spill anything on...
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    Tuffsaw Bandsaw blades.

    I have used Tuffsaws for several years. Good blades, service and advice. Peter Sefton's words above explain the market. One of the critical things in making a blade is the dressing and annealing process employed after the ends are welded. These are critical in producing a blade which will...
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    Making a brass infill plane (Hattori Hanzo, DP)

    For someone who claims "The only trouble is I've never done a day of metal work in my life." that is a staggering piece or work. A great WIP - which takes a great effort itself - and a pleasure to see. Many thanks.. If you had made two planes (!!!!!), you could have one on display as a work...
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    G-Plan table

    I finally got round to attacking the G-plan table. After several test pieces, testing for colour and finish, I decided to take the recommendation of woodbloke66 and opted for Polyvine Wax Finish Varnish, satin finish. What was surprising in preparing the table top, was that despite the amount...