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    Birch ply or structural ply

    Hi All, I am refitting my bathroom at the moment. The new cast resin shower tray instructions say it must be laid on an 18mm thick birch plywood base. Only not that many merchants state what the wood is anymore. Wickes sells a normal plywood and a softwood structural ply. Would the softwood...
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    Best way to remove paint from cast iron bench ends

    Hi, I'm restoring an old garden bench. It's the type with cast iron ends and wooden slats. There's a lot of rust and flaky paint I want to remove. The cast iron is quite intricate with a lot of hard to reach areas. I've hit all the external surfaces with a preparation wheel in an angle grinder...
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    Lidl metal cutting saw

    I see Lidl have a metal cutting chop saw in next week for £40 Link Does anyone know if its any good? Cheers -Neil
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    Screwfix forced card ownership.

    I was in Screwfix yesterday buying a 2D flurescent light bulb. We did the usual Postcode, house number and Surname thing. Then, without asking the girl behind the counter picked up one of their plastic store cards, scanned it, and handed it to me. (this is not a credit or charge card just a way...
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    Do my BS300e guides look 'normal'?

    I posted a month ago that my guides on the BS300e were rubbish. Malcolm kindly sent me a PM explaining the guides operation in more detail. I promptly ignored him for a month as I didn't know I had a PM sent to me. I've not used the PM system before. :oops: Sorry Malcolm. I've now replied but...
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    Can anyone recommend a decent combi drill.

    Hi, My old ryobi combi drill and angle drill have given up. Well the nicad batteries have anyway. So I thought I'd have a bit of a drill upgrade and perhaps switch to a more premium brand with a good range of other tools that the batteries can fit. My problem is I want a decent quality drill. I...
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    Polishing compound colours

    Not sure where to post his really but hopefully someone in the metalwork section might know... The poly carbonate headlight covers on the wifes car have clouded over but luckily can be polished clear again with a bit of brasso or duraglit. So I bought a set of drill mounted polishing mops and 2...