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    Sold snap-on Air compressor (Now Gone)

    I am just down the road if it happens not to be picked up.....I need a bigger compressor to run a needle gun before lime pointing my gable end! Can't wait:rolleyes:
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    Incredible work!

    I have shamelessly lifted this from another forum as it is truly awesome work!
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    Coffee beans recommendation?

    Hasbean coffee have the most incredible selection of fresh roasted coffee from all over the world, I always treat myself and friends to some at Christmas. They sell all types of grinds, lose beans and unroasted beans. Great service and interesting newsletter as he travels to meet the growers.
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    Sold Scheppach hms 260 Planer thicknesser

    Not a very helpful post there then! I had one of these for years in our boatyard building some fine boats and then some fine furniture and it was a very super machine and was heavily built, from what I remember the better ones had a formed steel bed rather than the ground aluminium beds. Super...
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    Choice of timber

    Yacht varnish is your friend, you can almost use any timber , except yellow pine, just carefully apply 10 or 12 coats of superior yacht varnish rubbed down with wet and dry between each coat and make sure all your guest remove their shoes.......or use teak, which if your crew scrub daily with...
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    is this lime plaster? and can I lime plaster over it?

    Be careful removing artex as it has asbestos in it.
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    Wadkin RS restoration

    Superb job, and thank you for the time and effort writing up the project. Another wonderful machine back in action for another lifetime.
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    Lockdown: Yes there is fear. Yes there is isolation. Yes there is panic buying. Yes there is sickness. Yes there is even death. But, They say that in Wuhan after so many years of noise You can hear the birds again. They say that after just a few weeks of quiet The sky is no longer thick with...
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    Workshop closure

    Mirka sander recieved with extra goodies ,thank you so much you are a true gent and good luck in the future.J.
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    Same old, same old, new video

    Thank you so much for your time in making and sharing such a wonderfully simple idea that I certainly will use over and over and wished that I had known many years ago. One of the pebbles one picks up in life and can use over and over again.
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    Workshop closure

    I would like the mirka if it is still available, thanks.squib
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    Workshop closure

    PM sent .
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    SOLD: Makita 5377MG Hypoid Circular Saw

    Pm sent.
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    Mobile Base

    I would love this.....I guess postage is not an option?
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    NVR or DOL,

    PS.....err...changed my mind as I have found that a decent NVR of the right power is about the same as a small DOL so have ordered one. Thanks once again.
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    NVR or DOL,

    Thanks all, I will fit a NVR as its a drill and not an especially dangerous piece of machinery. All my bigger kit have DOL starters.
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    What digital caliper?

    I have a couple of sets of cheapies ,one bought after the other kept going flat! So now i leave off the battery cover and just drop the battery in an out each time I need them, which is not that often, and they have both been very reliable for many years and I can't remember when I last changed...
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    NVR or DOL,

    After reading the NVR thread I have a question that I wanted to ask and not hijack the thread... I have just put a more powerful motor on my pillar drill , the motor is a 3/4 hp Brook Compton and the drill in an old cast machine,not large and bench mounted. so my question is do I need to use a...
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    Shuv Ha'penny

    I have an old board and the marker lines were slots ,the same width as a penny thickness, and any discrepancy was tested by sliding a penny along the slot to see if the piece in play moved . That is a beautiful board, must dig mine out!
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    [TAKEN] Oak log - 2ft (dia) x 7ft long

    Picked up with many thanks to Chris, what a top man and such a generous one at that. Very good to meet you and good luck with the move. I shall mail some pics of the milled timber. Thanks again. Squib.