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    Incredible work!

    I have shamelessly lifted this from another forum as it is truly awesome work!
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    NVR or DOL,

    After reading the NVR thread I have a question that I wanted to ask and not hijack the thread... I have just put a more powerful motor on my pillar drill , the motor is a 3/4 hp Brook Compton and the drill in an old cast machine,not large and bench mounted. so my question is do I need to use a...
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    Steaming large planking.

    A little trio of videos that show carvel planks being steamed for 2 1/2 hours. https://www.instagram.com/p/BeGQapfFoF-/ You have to swipe to see the next video....hope this works!
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    Sash making video.

    I am not sure if this has been posted before but it is just so accomplished as to make it look easy!! https://vimeo.com/71697935
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    Pillar drill motor question.

    I have an old atlas pillar drill with an underpowered motor and it is too fast,2400rpm. My question is what motor should I be looking at? 2 pole,4 pole, induction etc. Loads for sale on the bay new and secondhand, I also have an Hitachi speed controller which I may use. I am thinking about 3/4...
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    SIP table saw and dust extractor.

    For sale are my trusty SIP tilt arbour table saw, it has done some fine work and helped earn living for me... It is in fairly good condition, as in it is a little scruffy and i have drilled an extra hole in the dust outlet to use with my own homemade guard(not included). However the table is in...
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    What is it? 2

    Today's boot sale buy (Italian) are these beautifully made wotsits, one end is like a spatula but not flexible the other like a spoon, however the spoon end fits the palm so well, they must be for plaster or similar also they were very expensive at 1 eu each......any ideas?
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    What is it?

    I found this,not the chisel, whilst doing some building work in Italy, it is well made and hand forged. I have seen others in boot sales in Italy but no one has given me a satisfactory explanation as to its use. The most popular seems to be a set of fixed dividers for a set measurement, a bit...
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    Photobucket problem.

    Hi all, Can anyone help me...when reading some threads ,some pics are not visible and it says that photobucket needs updating which then reroutes to various spam sits. Is this my phone or am I missing something here? Thanks,J
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    Hi all ,I found these two beauties at an antique market in Italy at a very reasonable price and could not resist them. The smaller one is very useful and fits the normal 3/4" holes in my bench the other is a monster which i have had to drill a larger hole in my long messy bench. thought you...
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    Motorbike v car drift !! one for the bikers.

    Just watched this vid... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYpOFimB ... r_embedded
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    Glass door pivot hinge.

    Can anyone reccomend a pivot hinge for an 6mm toughened glass door as i am getting a little confused by differing prices... £4 to £60. The door is about 32" x 80" is inset and only needs to open 90 degrees. Any help or advice would be very welcome. Squib.
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    Goldenberg plane.

    Here is a goldenberg plane that i dug up to give my godson for his birthday, he loves tools and has started making some great bits he also makes squirrel and badger leather from roadkill....proper lad! I was wondering if anyone has any info or if possible a rough date. Thanks Squib.
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    Solid and cheap router advice.

    Any advice on a big router for a table as mine has gone wrong.I don't need any bells and whistles as i have a half decent router, old axi, for bench work i just want loads of power and height adjustment. The Erbauer came recommended but has proved not reliable and searching the web they dont...
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    Router electrics...Help !

    I have a 2100 watt erbauer router fitted to my router table which has not done that much work. This week i have been chamfering some cedar boards and cut the speed down a bit.I have a zip tie around the switch and use the mains switch as it is next to the table. When i turned it on yesterday it...
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    Spar gauge.

    There was a post recently about rounding timber and it seems that the tool needed for marking out is a spar gauge, the nice thing about them is that they can mark timber that has been tapered in the square first . Here is a pic (hopefully) of the style we used to use. The two pins are spaced 7...
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    Tool shop tour.

    Apologies if this is old hat but i came across this today and thought it was interesting ,probably should have put it in the hand tool section. cheers Squib. http://videos.americanwoodworker.com/video/The-Tool-Doc
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    Part of the job of being a local carpenter was also to make coffins, today i made an urn for my partners Dad, it is the second urn i have made and i have also made two coffins out of green oak for other folk. I always feel slightly odd but deeply honoured to be doing this sort of woodwork as it...
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    Todays project is for a display stand for an exhibition to show a range of garden stuff licenced from The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew The design was left to me and after a couple of previous ideas we came up with a design based on the door to the palm house. There will be one of these units...
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    Android Apps

    Who uses android phones and whats your favourite app? My favourite is google sky map followed by my compass and then the shake to answer app. 8)