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  1. treefella83

    Ideal lathe height

    for a couple of years i went by the book and had my lathe centre height at my elbow but when making a new bench i forgot to add the thickness of the bench top when cutting the legs so this bench is 50mm taller and i find woodturning easier
  2. treefella83

    its time for a new lathe

    cheers all. it looks like i will go for the cl3 but would prefer a coronet number 3 as i am a keen collector of old/vintage tools. never used a lathe with vari speed and tell myself that i don't need it but one day i will. well thanks everyone i will just have to see how it goes. always...
  3. treefella83

    bowl blanks

    cant help you there mate i sold my big saw in november and i miss it already
  4. treefella83

    its time for a new lathe

    going to get an upgrade in the next few months and i would like your views please. at the moment i have a record cl1 and it seems obvious to me to upgrade to the cl3 as all the chucks drives and centres can be swapped over . i do like the sound of the phosphor bronze bearing but is it really...
  5. treefella83

    new lathe

    my lathe is the cl1 and i have been using it for about 12 hours a week for the last 2 years and i cannot fault it. i find the machine very simple and easy to use :lol:
  6. treefella83

    Laburnum wood

    nice one mate that will keep you going for a while :D
  7. treefella83

    Pocket money spent......and THEN some.

    i hate to think how much i have spent on my hobby. i keep telling myself that its just a hobby. :lol:
  8. treefella83

    Your Favourite wood

    walnut ,sycamore ,cherry ,false acacia and oak are my top five.
  9. treefella83

    spare parts

    thanks for the help. ive got a chance to get a graduate bowl turning lathe but would prfere a short bed bowl turning lathe or even the long bed but i just cant afford this right now. i love old machines and tools and so it seems every one else does too. the cheepest ive seen a graduate go for...
  10. treefella83

    spare parts

    is it still possible to get spare parts for the union jubilee or the graduate? drive belts bearings and motors .
  11. treefella83

    record power DML swivel head upgrade?

    sorry to hear about your troubles mate. yet another complaint about record power.
  12. treefella83

    record power cl1

    one last try. i've taken the lathe apart again and put it all back together again and i now feel that i can do this blind folded. i've taken the shelves out of the stand and taken the sand bags off and the whole lathe and stand will hum like a tunning fork when tapped. i think that the lathe...
  13. treefella83

    record power cl1

    thanks every one
  14. treefella83

    record power cl1

    does any one have or have owned a record power cl1 ? i have been having trouble with my cl1 ever since i purchased it two years ago. i have written about the vibration problems with the lathe before but i have now purchased the ajustable bench from record power and it has sorted one problem the...
  15. treefella83

    Project for the missus?

    hi mick i would sugest a candle stick for starters mate with flowing curves just something simple that will be fun to turn and nice to look at when finished. leave all that fancy stuff for later on and just have fun and get a feel of the tools and different timber . :D
  16. treefella83

    hi to all !

    i love the ash bowl mate :D
  17. treefella83


    the spalting process can be stopped simlpy by reducing the moisture content of the timber and drying for a few weeks before returning to the lathe to finnish .
  18. treefella83

    Turning Birch

    i also agree with chas i have made four sets of bed side cabinets from birch ply with small beech legs and they all just looked fine. if you cannot find a match try and and find a subtle contrast with a clear or antiuqe finnish will do just fine
  19. treefella83

    got bored so....

    looks good mate :D
  20. treefella83

    Second time around

    ahh yes very very nice