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  1. yorkshirepudding

    CCTV & Alarm or neither - Detached garage workshop security

    I discussed with a Crime Prevention Officer, the fitting of floodlights and audible alarm around my works premises. His opinion was that in the area we were located the alarm wouldn’t attract any attention and the lights would enable them to work quickly. Probably more than a touch of cynicism...
  2. yorkshirepudding

    Britain's Best Woodworker

    I didn’t watch it but am familiar with the genre. Making people look small or stupid seems to be the main objective. They never show how things are done properly and would rather show cock ups.
  3. yorkshirepudding

    Festool TKS 80 or Mafell Erica 85 ?

    I have had the Kapex 120 for around 6/7 years and have it bolted to my bench. It has proved reliable and accurate over all that time. Another advantage with the Kapex is that you can site it up to a wall, I don’t know about the Erica. I should point out I am a hobby woodworker so I guess you...
  4. yorkshirepudding

    Table saw Blades - seeking advice & information

    I recently bought a blade from SWEDEX. I hadn’t heard of them before but the cut is amazingly good, better than my Festool. They are expensive at £90 but should re-sharpen several times. I highly recommend them.
  5. yorkshirepudding

    Lathe Tool sharpening sytems

    I've had the Robert Sorby Pro Edge for 6 years and never found it wanting. Not cheap but you will only buy once.
  6. yorkshirepudding

    Record power Maxi 1 or killinger km1400

    I have no experience with the Killinger but have owned my Maxi 1 for a couple of years and love it. So smooth and stable.
  7. yorkshirepudding

    Well you live & learn re sanding sealer / thinners ;-)

    I used to use pastry brushes . Recently however the bristles have started falling out big time. Back to the drawing board.
  8. yorkshirepudding

    Ammonia and Oak

    I have used ammonia to fume an oak goblet I had turned. Being only 6” or so high I stood it in a Tupperware lidded container on an inverted glass to raise it above the one inch or so of ammonia I poured in before fitting the lid. After a couple of days the goblet was very dark and had the...
  9. yorkshirepudding

    What Chuck to buy for new Record CL4

    I second the RP SC4. I have 3 and with the various jaws available they do all that I require.
  10. yorkshirepudding

    Turners retreat, Harworth any recomendations ?

    [quote="phil. Then they were taken over by bean counters. Responsible for the demise of many good businesses.
  11. yorkshirepudding

    Turners retreat, Harworth any recomendations ?

    I doubt it was a case of upselling, I’ve never experienced that at Turner's Retreat. More likely a distinct lack of product knowledge. I must confess I usually go to Snainton but TT is on your doorstep and they have everything you will need. I'm sure your experience will become more favourable.
  12. yorkshirepudding

    Record Maxi 1 or Axminster 1628vs

    I own a Maxi one and we have a couple of 1628. machines at my club. I much prefer the Maxi, it is a simple basic machine built to a good standard and has, so far been trouble free. The 1628 machines have had a few build quality issues which have been sorted by Axminster. The middle speed range...
  13. yorkshirepudding

    Advice on what lathe to replace my old Coronet

    I would suggest a Record CL3 or CL4 if funds allow. Similar to the old Coronet and a sturdy workhorse.
  14. yorkshirepudding

    Remote control air filter

    I've had an AC400 for 5years and use it in my single car garage. I had to replace a PCB (under warranty) but otherwise it has performed impeccably. Highly recommended.
  15. yorkshirepudding

    Dream lathe

    Thanks. I will take you up on that offer one of these days. What club are you at? Is there one local to Leeds? I go to Birstall Woodturning Club, confusingly based in Mirfield. We have 17 lathes of various brands, a couple of decent bandsaws and sanders etc. etc. Takes me about 40mins from...
  16. yorkshirepudding

    Dream lathe

    I've had one for 18mths and prefer it to the Jet 3520 we have at the club. Having "only" a1hp motor has not been a problem and I've turned 20" plus. I you decide to take the plunge pm me and you're welcome to try mine before you buy.
  17. yorkshirepudding

    Anyone got any tips for cleaning shop vac filters?

    Clean it more frequently = less dust. Yes, I really should practice what I preach.
  18. yorkshirepudding

    Recommendations of stockists of 80 different woods

    Craft Supplies now part of Turner's Retreat.
  19. yorkshirepudding

    Advice for newbie turner

    Join a hands on club. Advice is free and there will be opportunities to see various tools in action.
  20. yorkshirepudding

    Pro Edge questions

    They do a short table for shorter blades. I use it for my mini pen making tools. I agree that it's a pain that the tightening bolt is loose but I'll forgive it the one shortcoming. I use a variety of o.e. belts. The cost difference isn't so great and it's not as if I had to change it frequently.