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  1. Dynamite

    Woodwork Bench Build (Using Only Hand Tools) - Progress

    Vice dog now done. Bench dogs coming up. 👍🏼 Rob
  2. Dynamite

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Mobile table saw cart. Just made it out of chipboard I was throwing. I don’t like throwing things that can be re-used. I know it’s not a a chippendale and it’s pretty ugly but I’m happy.
  3. Dynamite

    Rob Cosman Planing Technique

    Im a big fan of his work and avidly watch his videos. However… OMG! Every single plane push, he removes every shaving before doing another pass and then repeats, pausing to take each shaving out, over and over again. Is it me or does it annoy anyone else? To be fair, I will never be anywhere...
  4. Dynamite

    No 5 plane - what is it for?

    I have a 4, 41/2 and a 5. I converted my 4 1/2 into a scrub plane and found so far that the extra weight helps get through the rough really quickly. After scrubbing, i then go to my number 5 and find its great because of the extra length to get things flat. I then go in with my 4 as a final...
  5. Dynamite

    Block Planes

    I restored an old 60 1/2 a while back and to be perfectly honest, I thought i would use it very infrequently and did it more for the enjoyment of a restoration project. In reality, it has become one of my most used tools. I'm all for a restoration of an old one if you can. Its not too difficult...
  6. Dynamite

    Does PVA have a shelf life?

    And… if I bought a gluebot dispenser, could you keep topping it up from a larger container and even mix manufacturers into it? Rob
  7. Dynamite

    Does PVA have a shelf life?

    Here’s one to add to this… Is it possible to mix different manufacturers pva glue? Rob
  8. Dynamite

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Thats a great bench houtslager. Look very solid and I like the length.... Rob
  9. Dynamite

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Really sorry for the reason behind making this but it’s a work of art, you should be so proud, Rob
  10. Dynamite

    How to use push sticks to cut wood safely on a table saw.

    Hi, thanks for the info. It’s actually a left tilter… Rob
  11. Dynamite

    How to use push sticks to cut wood safely on a table saw.

    My push sticks are like the straight ones here so I’m ok. To be honest, I was going to make some of those that look like saw handles purely because I like the look of them but thanks to this thread, don’t think I will bother now. Like these… Rob However, what about these ones though?…...
  12. Dynamite

    How to use push sticks to cut wood safely on a table saw.

    Interesting post here. It’s a safety feature on my table saw… Mystery table saw part on fence
  13. Dynamite

    The shame of a tidy workshop

    I could write paragraphs on this but it boils down to one thing. Whatever makes YOU happy. That’s what it’s all about - happiness and having good mental health. What makes one person happy is different to the next so I encourage you not to listen to the doubters, just do what make you happy...
  14. Dynamite

    Push sticks again.......

    :ROFLMAO: I enjoy watching tonnes of YT vids on woodworking and after watching many, I am learning how not to do things as much as trying to see "how to...." Rob
  15. Dynamite

    Detached garage modernisation/conversion advice

    +1 for new, it will end up like triggers sweeping brush if it doesnt fall down first. It would be a nightmare to get it done up after all that hard work and still be in a position where its not stable. Rob
  16. Dynamite

    Golden wedding anniversary gift ideas

    I'm going to be making a "Memory Box" for my daughter and her boyfriend and was thinking of carving something like memorable dates in somewhere with my dremel. First time they met, first day out etc. Also, I saw some wood decals in the range in the craft section that might be useful to glue on...
  17. Dynamite

    Can anyone identify this wood please?

    I have to laugh... Identifying wood is a complete and utter weak point of mine and I have very little idea. I'm laughing because I saw the pic and immediately warmed with excitement and went "Oak, definitely Oak". I thought I had managed identifying something. I should still keep my mouth...
  18. Dynamite

    Woodwork Bench Build (Using Only Hand Tools) - Progress

    Thanks for the feedback DW. I'm nearly finished my drooling and looking at it so will be working on it this coming weekend hopefully by drilling some dog holes and making some dogs, WOOF WOOF! Regards the knot, its actually not that bad anyway now its oiled up. I'm actually pleased that I had...
  19. Dynamite

    Woodwork Bench Build (Using Only Hand Tools) - Progress

    Great idea cabinetman, I hadn't even thought of doing that with the eyesore of a window sill. I will add it to my list. Many thanks... Rob