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  1. Awac

    Triton TWSS-10 whetstone & Tormek TT-50

    Bought a triton whetstone at a very good price, hardly used, so my first purchase was a truing tool. Looked at options and Tormek tt-50 was the best design, post 2019 model, (let us try to forget the tt-50 cost nearly as much as the Triton…lol). So bought it (Rothco & Frost best price I could...
  2. Awac

    Japanese chisel- Interesting website

    https://covingtonandsons.com/ Stumbled on this web site. Interesting if you like reading about chisels……that why I love Uk Workshop, that’s normal here! 🍉
  3. Awac

    Lumberjack Bench Grinder Bgs 125

    Anyone tried this horizontal grinder? Have tried asking the company on line how much replacement stones are, to be told its so new they have no spares…….thank you. Er, how can you buy without being able to get consumable parts? Maybe it will not last that long? Who are lumberjack? Part of...
  4. Awac

    "Tools from our family" or "Toolbox genealogy"

    Had a post on my thread about a saw from mhn, see below. Perhaps everyone on the forum who has been lucky enough to inherit tools might post a "flat laid photo" with the story of the person(s), with at least Their name, Where/if they trained Amateur or professional Years they were alive Where...
  5. Awac

    Hand saw F.Brittain "Ne plus Ultra" decorative medallion 1860-ish

    "BRITTAIN, Frederick SHEFFIELD, 102 Wellington Street 1864-1866, St George's Works, Shoreham Street 1876-1887." Merchant, and manufacturer of steel, saws, files and tools. An influential Sheffield industrialist, and part of a large and ancient extended family of Sheffield manufacturers, many...
  6. Awac

    Handsaw Disston Double Duty D-17

    Thought I would post this interesting pre-1928 Disston saw, it has an alternating pattern of five cross cut teeth and two rip teeth, with the sets of teeth separated by a deep gullet to carry out saw dust. It was designed to be used by framing carpenters as both a cross cut and rip saw as well...
  7. Awac

    Hand saw Spear & Jackson Mermaid No.23

    Merry Christmas all. I have been going through all my saw literature and can not find any catalogue with this one in. Any one have anything? I estimate 1900-1915ish, (from nib, handle style and nuts) if you have anything which positively dates it, that would be great.
  8. Awac

    Traditional crafts of the future, what might they be, and how will they be made?

    Traditional crafts of the future, what might they be, and how will they be made? The first people probably used their finger nails to scrape a shape from piece of wood. Then purpose made hand tools developed, followed by power tools and now computer aided design, what next? I have seen a couple...
  9. Awac

    BC-Roubo bench

    BCR or the Budget Conscious Roubo. I made this in November 2018. It has had a few test modifications extra vices, dog holes in the top etc (test bed), but I don't seem to have any photos of this at the moment. It is in France and I have not gone back this year because of the difficulty of COVID...